When Is The Best Time To Workout

After a long weekend with perfect weather, it doesn’t feel like the end of summer has arrived. It is HOT here in Boston – 90F to be exact. I love summer but by September, I’m sick of the heat. At least we get to cool down at night.

This weekend I was in Cape Cod once again – and will be for the next two weekend as well with a couple of weddings. We kept things low key for the most part. On Friday, I started the long weekend with a 9 mile run. I only had to stop to pee twice! Victory. Post Running 9 miles

I ran 6 miles without stopping to walk and then switched to a walk/run interval. I averaged an 11 min/mile which is much slower than my non-pregnant average but my priorities are different this time around. I did eat a couple Pro Bar energy gummies around mile 5 and washed them down with plenty of water.

Running is still comfortable as long as I have a place to pee within a 10 minute jog near me at any given time. After my run, we drove down to Cape Cod.

tennis cape cod dyc

Saturday we woke up early and grabbed pancakes and eggs at my favorite breakfast place, Sesuit Harbor Cafe. We played tennis for a half hour before heading out on my friend’s boat for the day.

We took the boat up to Wellfleet and visited Mac’s Shack. To my surprise, they had the most delicious mocktails! I ordered a virgin pomegranate mojito that tasted just as good as the real thing.

mocktail mojito

We spent Sunday relaxing at the beach, having dinner with friends and headed home early Sunday. For breakfast I made myself a couple of scrambled eggs and an Ezekial English Muffin with peanut butter and blueberry jam. One of my favorite combinations this summer.  breakfast

Lunch was en route to visit my baby niece. We stopped at a Chipotle where I ordered a salad with rice, beans, guac, chicken and everything else you see here. Their salads are always too big to finish for me even though they look small.

chipotle lunch

After lunch, we got to see my two week old niece, Dylan. She was a sleeping beauty and slept the entire time. I loved holding her on my chest and can’t believe, I’ll have my own in less than 4 months!

baby dylan

After we got back to Boston, I went to class at Recycle Studio in the South End with Ani. I was worried I would be too tired, but I felt good surprisingly. I am usually a late morning exerciser. That at least is when I have the most energy. Given my job, I can workout then – but when I worked full time at Diet.com I could not.

My options were before or after work. I could not get up in the morning so I always just worked out after work and was fine. I get a lot of questions about when the best time to workout really is – and the answer might just shock you! Check out my latest Kohl’s video featuring the answer and a serious baby bump.

During my pregnancy, I feel much better during the day if I work out in the morning. However, on weekends when I’m away from Boston it’s hard so I just fit in my exercise when I can.

When do you prefer to workout – and when do you actually workout?


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