Weekend Recap: Skating, Food & Fitness

On Friday night, I attended the US Figure Skating Championships in Boston. My sister and I were both figure skaters growing up so as followers of the sport, it was quite an exciting ticket to snag and fun event for us to hang out on a Friday night not surrounded by food and booze.

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My sister texted me to ask what I was wearing and then sent this throwback to show me what she was planning to put on. Hah. Many Instagram friends asked where this was taken and I believe it was at the Franklin Ice Rink in Massachusetts.

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We got to see the men’s short program and enjoyed the costumes almost as much as the jumps. Since the event draws the local skating elite, costumes were for sale in the stadium. This turquoise dress was over $400! I don’t blame my mother for letting me quit at all.

Watching professional ice skaters is pretty cool in person but like any pro sport, I missed the commentators telling me where they lost points and what jumps were completed.

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I was given the tickets through Puffs, who sponsor Meryl and Charlie, the first American Ice Dancing duo to be favored for gold ever in Sochi.

The asked me if I wanted to interview the 6 time US Champions, to which I of course said yes, and as a thank you they offered me two tickets to watch the show on Friday night. Who gives up the chance to interview two potential Olympic Gold Medalists? Interview is coming later this week!


If you watched at home, you know why Puffs is a sponsor. Every skater cried at the end of their program either because they were upset at their chances of making it to Sochi or they were so happy and overwhelmed with emotions they cried tears of joy. There really couldn’t be a better sponsor for the “kiss and cry” they sit in front of while waiting to see their scores.

Saturday morning, I signed up for an 11am spin class with Lydia, one of the new Instructors at Recycle Studio. They have a bunch of new girls and I’m trying to try them all out. Lydia was great! I burned about 500 calories in class according to my Armour39 watch which I’m testing out right for a Fitfluential campaign. As for the other new girls, I’ve also taken classes with Denva, Elyse and Brianna – all were fabulous and would take them again. I take classes based on my schedule not usually the instructor so I was happy to experience the sweaty workout promised first hand.  I love the choreography and intention setting at the beginning of each class at Recycle. The 45 minutes goes by quick.

After glass, I tried out a new to me Greek Yogurt brand classed Green Mountain Creamery. I always always always buy plain yogurt and sweeten it myself with a packet of Truvia natural sweetener or fruit. This way, it can also double for sour cream or make homemade dressings creamy.

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I topped it with Hemp & Greens Superfood Cereal which is basically raw granola from Living Intentions. It is my favorite healthy $$ splurge of the moment. I get it at Whole Foods from the bins and it is a raw vegan granola that just tastes so darn good and it lightly sweetened. It looks funky, but I promise it tastes amazing and is enhanced with spirulina, chlorella, spinach powder, alfalfa and dandelion leaf. The yogurt was good but didn’t blow me away. Let’s be honest, I buy whatever Greek Yogurt is on sale and really only eat it once or twice a month.

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Saturday night, I obviously watched the Patriots win. I will be in Laguna Beach for their next playoff game with my Oakley Women team. We a shooting a bunch of videos to relaunch their community site, Oakley Women’s Collective.

When I get ready to travel, I usually reduce my resting days because I know I’ll be resting on the days I fly as my flight is at 6:45 am next Sunday. When I land, I will in no way be excited to workout, especially since the Patriots will be on! Yesterday, I went for an easy run and took Yoga with Erica at Back Bay Yoga, keeping with my New Year’s Resolution still! Back Bay Yoga is my favorite studio in Boston to practice, hands down. If you ever visit, take a Hip Hop Yoga class. You won’t regret it but make sure to sign up in advance. Erica’s Sunday at 12:15 always sells out – unless the Patriots are on at 1 pm…

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For dinner, I tried making homemade falafel for the first time. I’ll share the recipe once I perfect it as it’s still a work in progress! We also made Quinoa Tabouleh – one of my new favorite dishes that I always make when we have extra parsley on hand.

Do you have two recipes you always make back to back so you don’t waste herbs?

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