Winter Interval Treadmill Workout

When the weather isn’t shitty, I love my Saturdays for long runs but if you are still embracing the Arctic Vortex, here is a quick running treadmill workout you can do at your gym tomorrow instead. It’s only 22 minutes because it’s super hard. Break it up into two segments with a little strength training in between for a DIY Barry’s Bootcamp workout or do it twice!

Treadmill Workout Sarah Fit

If you are beginner, stick with the numbers on the low end of the mph spectrum. If you are advanced, try going for the middle or higher end of the range. RPE is your rate of perceived exertion. Basically, a 10 is an all out effort. A 5 is a warm up, recovery, a pace you could do for at least thirty minutes without feeling the need to stop. All the numbers in between are something in between those efforts. Got it? For more workouts like this, check out my book Get Skinny Again which includes meal ideas and a workout schedule which includes room for your favorite boutique classes. I’m going to spin at Recycle tomorrow!

If you did this workout, let me know down below how challenging it was and accomplished it made you feel? If you haven’t sprinted on a treadmill before, it does take some getting used to. A 10.0 mph is a six minute mile so if you ran track like me in High School, you know you can run at this pace for 30 seconds. I ran the 400m in 61-63 seconds – I can do the 12.5 – it just takes a bit of warming up and confidence. I only do it about once or twice a class.

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