Weight Loss Update and My Afternoon Pick Me Ups

Tommy is officially 4 months old this week. I am still 4-7 lbs heavier than my pre-baby weight but I no longer have a race to train for. This is the first time in 4 years that I have been without a fitness commitment or photo shoot scheduled. It’s a weird feeling.

Typically, I’m training or dieting for something. Right now, I’m just busy being a mom, working on my content and getting out of the house for my sanity! Whenever I say things like this though, something always comes along so I’m trying to embrace the present.

When I have a goal though, I NEED a date. I need something to keep me motivated and on task to reach it. Shoots and races do just that for me. I thought training for the half marathon the baby weight would melt off but it didn’t.

Breastfeeding does burn tons of calories but it makes me so hungry! I’ve been so paranoid about losing my milk supply that if anything, I upped my calories. I lost 20 lbs in 3 weeks after giving birth. I lost another 3 since then and now have about 7 pounds to go. I give credit to Brittany for helping me find what my problem really is.

Treat Yo Self

I see pictures of Chrissy Tiegen 3 weeks postpartum and get a little frustrated that I couldn’t be more like her however she IS a supermodel. Social media makes it easy to forget that. Social media also makes it easy to take flattering pictures. I actually prefer to take a selfie so I can work the angles these days. See below. I took the one on the left. Nick took the one on the right. Which one do you think I posted? Yep, the one on the left. I also could have chosen a more flattering outfit and pose…

Pregnant Angles

The afternoons are what get me. I eat a balanced breakfast and lunch but before dinner, I’m like a bottomless pit!

Pregnant, I had salty cravings. I was curious where my sweet tooth went but as soon as Tommy came out – it was back, stronger than ever. I’ve banned the chocolatey trail mixes unless they are portion controlled. I can’t buy cookies. These are some of my favorite ways to healthfully satisfy a sweet tooth, but I also have a new favorite.


I know I talk about milk shakes a lot on here but seriously, I have wanted them nonstop since getting pregnant. My new obsession when I want one is Silk Nutchello. It’s a delicious nut-based beverage that is more flavorful and creative than boring non-dairy nut milk. One small glass satisfies me, just Nutchello, ice and a straw. It’s also awesome in my iced coffee as the perfect afternoon pick me up, adding a little bit of sweet tropical flavor.


My favorite flavor is the Toasted Coconut + Cashews. It has just 80 calories per serving with 9g of sugar. It tastes more indulgent than it really is. I also really like the Caramel Almond + Cashews which has just 70 calories per serving. If you like the nut milks at juice bars, you’ll love the thicker consistency and sweetness of Nutchello.

You can find Nutchello at a store near you using the Silk store locator. I buy mine at Stop and Shop on Huntington Ave. For an instant Silk coupon and recipes, sign up for their newsletter here.

Portion controlled foods in addition to better alternatives are helping me slowly lose the last few pounds. The peanut butter jar is getting banned next if I can’t get my act together!

So over the next few weeks, my goal is to lose 5-ish lbs by actually watching what I eat for once. This post on Women’s Health is a great kick in butt if you need a reality check. My favorite point is this, “For women, it’s 80% diet and 20% fitness when it comes to visible changed.” For me, this is so true yet my priorities for fitting in a workout are so much higher than paying attention to what I eat. I’m not eating french fries and sundaes on the regular but I can’t say I measure the amount of peanut butter I eat out of the jar on a daily basis either. You get my dilemma, right?

The last point is about how sugar and alcohol will seriously slow your progress… see above graphic. Will it ever be easy?

That was rhetorical. I know it will not especially since I have a 4 month old!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

Weight Loss Update and My Afternoon Pick Me Ups

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  • Sandy

    What I love about you and your posts are that you keep it real. I have been following you since like 2008 when I came across your videos on youtube and they played in gold’s gym. I just delivered my second baby on May 6th and it has bee really helpful that you also became a mom because you have great information to share. Keep it going Sarah!

  • Amy

    Don’t sweat those last few pounds. 9 months to put the weight on so why expect less to take it off. You look amazing! And breastfeeding can easily add a pound or more of breast tissue. Especially if you have a bigger bust:)

  • Grace

    You look great! I can’t wait to try Nutchello, sounds delicious. Love your grey pants in the picture -- I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of grey pants, with no such luck. Can I ask where they’re from?

  • Cassie

    All the points you made about social media are so accurate. I find that I can take stunning photos on my phone and then look in the mirror feeling disgusted with myself because I don’t see my body at the same angle. It’s important to love the real you no matter what and surround your social media environment with people who will benefit you and make you grow in a positive light. And I can imagine that Tommy is such a wonderful little handful! He’s growing up to become a strong, handsome little boy!

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