What I Ate Wednesday WIAW

It’s Wednesday and many bloggers share what they eat on hump day. I’m not sure who started it but I did a pretty good job at photographing my meals yesterday so why not!?

I just started my new DietBet – which you can still join – so my diet is a little different than normal. Over the past 6 months, you may or may not have noticed, I’ve gained back the weight I lost for the Lionsgate BeFit shoot as a result of simply not caring. I enjoyed myself though and don’t exactly regret it, but now it’s time to get back to my happy healthy weight. 

I taught in the morning at Barry’s Bootcamp. Knowing I wanted a PB&J smoothie after my own workout, I had 1/2 a grapefruit before hand. When I teach in the AM, I usually take the class after mine.

IMG 6225

For lunch, it was leftovers from dinner Monday night. I made a batch of Turkey Meatloafs and roasted brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. I used my go-to sweet potato recipe found here. For the brussel sprouts, I just sliced them up and roasted in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes. I actually added two slices of chopped up bacon as well for flavor. I bought bacon for a recipe I planned to make this week and thought the sprouts would make good use of the extra slices. 

IMG 6226

The bento box above was perfect for portions. For a snack, I enjoyed ”Just a Handful of Almond” from Trader Joe’s. For dinner, I was excited to make a new recipe I learned filming my Biggest Loser Google+ Hangout with Devin Alexander. The flavor combination was so unusual that I had to try it myself. Devin is an amazing chef/cook, so I knew I had to try it. It took an hour to cook so I snacked on carrots and hummus while making it.

I followed her recipe for Stuffed Cabbage Strata to a T except I used Quinoa instead of instant brown rice and it came out fantastic! Roomie approved as well. I took a terrible photo but am showing you because it makes 6 huge servings that are under 300 calories!

IMG 6234

This is why I bought bacon. The recipe includes cabbage, onion, instant brown rice (or quinoa), chicken, tomato sauce and bacon. We topped it with hot sauce per Devin’s recommendation. It was amazing and is from the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook. You can find the recipe here. <- as well as prettier picture of the dish not taken with an iPhone at night. 🙂 

IMG 6230

While watching The Biggest Loser season finale, I had two ginger chews from The Ginger People. That is what I ate on Tuesday as reported on Wednesday. It was a successful first day of the DietBet in my opinion. 

Today at 6pm EST, I am hosting the FINAL Biggest Loser Google Hangout LIVE On Air. I’ll be joined by at home winner TUMI and MATT! You can RSVP here to watch live and ask one of them a question. I am the moderator so if I like you, I jus tight choose yours 🙂 haha. Can’t join us live? Leave your question here. Yes, I’m aware of the Rachel controversy. I’m going to wait until after our hangout to share my thoughts. Not sure on how team BL wants me to handle the questions that do come in regarding her weight, but I am assuming I will be asked to focus on ranch experience and Tumi//Matt’s personal routines.

Did you see the final weigh in? What were your thoughts and what do you think Jillian was saying to Bob under her breath?

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