What You Need To Know About Protein

In the summer, I am always up against the same battle: how to keep from gaining weight with my busy work and social calendar? While I always find the time to fit in exercise, the hours logged at the gym will never out burn a poor diet.  With weddings, moving and traveling constantly, it’s important for me to have enough energy to get it all done. While you may know that caffeine and exercise can boost your energy levels, did you know that protein does as well?

Your diet is crucial when it comes to keeping energy levels up and maintaining a healthy weight. Like other essential nutrients, protein is absolutely critical for overall good health.

During the Day

While fruits and veggies help fill you up on less calories and provide essential vitamins and nutrients, lean protein helps regulate the release of energy over a period of time preventing the dreaded crash or dips due to lack of sleep or stress. It also it satisfies hunger by helping you feel full longer on less calories, and satisfied until your next meal. By helping to reduce your appetite, you consume less over the course of the day making weight loss a little bit easier.

After a Workout

Your body needs protein! It’s considered one the most important building blocks of life and is necessary for a wide range of bodily functions. After a workout, it is recommended to consume protein to help rebuild your muscles. This allows your body to better reap the benefits from your gym efforts, and will increase your metabolism by helping build more lean muscle mass. Don’t worry ladies, this does not add bulk, just sexy definition. Protein also helps add strength to your hair, skin, and nails.

For these very reasons, I try to include lean protein at every meal I eat.  The most challenging meals for me to do this are my snacks and breakfast. You already know I love to take pictures of my protein pancakes but when I’m short on time, I rely on convenient ready to go sources like Premier Protein’s protein-packed shakes and bars. Since I typically crave sweeter things this is my go-to solution that has little calories, sugar, and fat. I need my protein in the morning to help fuel the most productive hours in my day and keep me full until lunch. I have a tendency to wander into the kitchen (thanks Pinterest!) so a good breakfast is essential.

When do you need an extra energy boost?

I’m excited to announce a new contest I’ll be hosting through the end of August called “Energy for Every Day.”  If you haven’t tried adding protein to your life, now is your chance. Winners will receive a gift pack worth $250 from Premier Protein, including a $200 cash prize to keep you active and on the go. Think of that running or camping gear you’ve needed, plus more fun swag! Three winners will be chosen at random in July, three winners will be chosen in August and four will be chosen in September.

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Premier Protein. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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