No Longer Working Out Like Sarah Fit + Maternity Outfits For The Last Month

I haven’t had much time to blog this week but wanted to share a couple things.

First, how good is Lucie Wicker at taking photos? She came over on Monday this week and helped me take some pictures to show off my baby bump as well as a few maternity favorites.

maternity outfit for 4th of july

Ingrid and Isabel send me this Lace Maternity Swing Top and I’m obsessed. I’m planning to wear for my 4th of July festivities as long as baby boy hangs in there!

It’s available at Nordstroms and is so stretchy, it’s bound to fit your entire pregnancy unlike some of my maternity clothes! It is a splurge in my opinion at $78 but it comes in black and white, perfect for a shower or maternity pictures.

If you want something more affordable, these jeans are Target from the Isabel Maternity line which I love. I think most of my maternity clothes are from Target. These insert panel white skinny jeans are perfect for summer since they don’t have a panel that covers your entire midsection.

maternity outfit for 4th of july ingrid and isabel

Best part is that they are only $30. I recommend sizing down. These will also be great post partum when my non maternity clothes will not fit but I don’t want to wear maternity pants that go up to my boobs.

People keep asking me what I’m wearing for my workouts and I admittedly haven’t bought too many workout bottoms. I’m still rocking my lululemon align pants and am still wearing a couple of maternity cropped black leggings from Motherhood Maternity that I got when pregnant with Tommy. I also have a pair of Beyond Yoga Maternity Leggings that I hated in the beginning because they fell down, but now I love because my large bump holds them up!

As far as tops go, I just wear my bigger or longer workout tops. This one from New Balance has been a godsend and I wear in every workout video I film. It is currently on sale for $25 and since I wear it every single week, it’s worth every penny if you are considering a maternity workout top.

pregnancy workout modifications side plank

I’m not working out much these days though… so my need for workout gear while being super pregnant is pretty low.

I took Barry’s last Friday, double floor, and felt fine but being so sore on Saturday made me realize it wasn’t worth it. I felt great during and right after class, don’t get me wrong, but playing with Tommy wasn’t so much fun. I could barely stand up without wincing.

So, this week, I lifted for 20 minutes on Thursday and went swimming today (Friday) for 20 minutes.

And you know what, I didn’t need a nap at all this week during the day! I felt pretty good. I even made dinner twice. I would love to take long walks but Tommy in the stroller but he hates the stroller so our walks to and from daycare will have to suffice.

I worked out regularly with Tommy in my belly up until a week PAST my due date. I feel sort of bad that I’m throwing in the towel with 3.5 weeks to go, but not THAT bad.

When did you stop working out?

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