Why I Was Wrong About Tapering

I thought I was going to like my first week of tapering. I thought I would enjoy running less, not being ravenous at all times, and being able to sit and work on my business. I was wrong. I can’t sit still! This weekend, I had two rest days, back to back. I can’t remember the last time I did not workout on a Saturday OR Sunday. This may sound crazy to many of you (feel free to laugh at me, I get it), but I chose this blog name for a reason. I actually LIKE working out and not being able to do it when I am not hungover on a weekend is kinda like torture. 

Taper Week #1

Last week, I ran 5 miles on Monday and 6 with 2 at a tempo pace on Wednesday. Friday was my longish run of 10 miles which felt great and was a relief after an awful 15 miler the Friday before. I had two slices of Ezekial toast with cashew butter and bananas before hand so I’m going to have that on race day, too (minus the toasting for hotel reasons).

IMG 8367

One week from today, I will have run the race. Finished or not, I will at least be able to say I did everything I was supposed to do according to my training plan (except I should have foam rolled more… oh well). 

IMG 8362

On Tuesday I took a yoga class at Back Bay Yoga and on Thursday I took a yoga class with Jess Ray at Burn Fitness Studios. Both were just hour long classes. I love Jess’s classes and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite instructors in Boston. 

IMG 8369

So what the heck did I do with two rest days on the weekend!? Since I was going stir crazy, I decided to take up a new hobby and get my hands dirty.

On Saturday, I woke up early and headed down to IKEA. Worst idea ever but it needed to happen. Roomie is away in Germany for work until Thursday and I wanted to be productive in getting our new condo furnished to surprise him when he gets home. I also hit up Michaels for some DIY tools I need for a project I’ve been planning. On Sunday, I knew I needed a few more tools and had to buy a Halloween costume for my shoot this week so I visited Target and Home Depot. When I got back, I strolled down to the SOWA to pick up a few items at the farmer’s market and when I got back, started assembling the bookcase I bought from Ikea and painting some old ugly wood colored furniture. 

IMG 8376

I have wanted to paint our old furniture white for a very long time. Now that I had outdoor space where it is convenient, I was excited to get to work. 

IMG 8377

I thought the white and gold was boring so I added the blue and now I regret it. I may add the blue to the other two drawers to even it out or paint them all white. i can’t decide. And then I made the worst decision…

IMG 8378

I painted the middle hardware blue! Why did I do this? I immediately regretted it. At this point, I may just buy new handles. The gold spray paint was a good idea but didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped. I did enjoy painting the furniture though, it was almost therapeutic. The night stand was an ugly old antique brown color before, not matching anything else we own. I’m new to DIY so I forgot to take a before picture.

Looks like today I may have to stop into Anthropologie to take a look at their drawer handles…

At the height of marathon training, i dreamed of Taper weeks. Then, when it got here, I wanted it to go away! I am glad I got as much done this weekend as I did but am happy there is only one more week like this.

Shake Out Meet Up Run in Chicago Details

As far as my shake out meet up goes in Chicago, since this is my first one, I’ll only be doing 2 miles with a few strides at the end. If you would like to join, let’s meet at 9:30 AM at the Hilton Chicago (720 S Michigan). This may change so keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook! I had a reader notify me of a large shake out run with Nike but I thought it would be hard to find each other if I did that. I’ll notify the concierge of our meeting place in case you can’t find us, just ask them! 

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