New: Yoga Abs and Butt Workout Video

I love Yoga.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to practice.  I try to take a yoga class at least once a week.  However, I am not certified in yoga, nor do I plan on getting certified (as of now).  I enjoy learning, listening and the calming side effects I get from my hour long classes.  I feel like teaching would change my role and turn it into work, perhaps creating a less desirable practice.  Many beginner or gentle classes breeze through poses that strengthen all the muscles in the body, turning off hard core fitness addicts (like myself) for a more time efficient workout.  

With that in mind and wanting to change those mind, I bring you a yoga inspired strengthen and lengthen workout video that I filmed in REAL TIME.  Yes, that means you can follow along at home with my cheesy “porno” sounding music.  I rarely do these because of my music restrictions (licensing, royalties, etc.), and my lack of proper breathing while I talk.  This workout is challenging!  

Start with 4-5 Sun Salutations to warm up.  

From high plank position, bring left knee to nose and then extend foot back towards the fall.  Repeat this 8x then switch sides and repeat.  

Moving on from downward dog position, lift right leg up towards sky into downward dog split.  Lower right leg down toward ground and then right back up towards sky.  Repeat this 10x, the pulse up at the top, lifting and lowering a few small inches 10 more times.  Switch legs and repeat.

From high plank position, bring right foot up by right hand and place foot flat and firm next to hand.  Reach right foot back into high plank position and then immediately bring left foot up by left hand.  Plant foot down firmly and flat next to hand.  Lift leg and bring foot back into starting position.  Do this 8 times with each foot.  Try to keep body in plank position the entire time.  Do not raise up your butt.  From the high plank position, move into a side plank.  Lower butt towards ground and crunch hips back up to form a straight line with your body.  Do 8 crunch ups on one side.  Repeat sequence, finishing with 8 side plank crunches on opposite side.   

Watch the video above for a How-To Fitness Video, you can follow along with!

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