Yoga Headstand

“How long was I practicing Yoga before I could do a Headstand?” -QueenofLean

To be honest, I casually did yoga for 1-2 years but I learned how to do a headstand with the help of Tara Stile on YouTube a year ago (around the same time I started to really like it).  She made a video showing how to do it and I just practiced on my own.  I never learned it in a class and I actually have a hard time learning tricky poses in a class.  I find they are easier to perfect at home, watching a how to video on like YouTube and just practicing.  This is the only advanced move I can do, and I love being able to throw one up in class now when the teacher gives us time to practice our own inversion of choice.  I love Yoga for this example.  It makes me feel like a kid learning how to do a back hand spring.

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