15-minute Lean + Strong Bridal Circuit Workout

I’ve got a crazy day tomorrow and will be heading down to Charlottesville, Virginia for one of my best friends weddings! I’m so excited to explore the little town, see my college friends and celebrate Allison’s union. I’ve heard and seen so many good things about C’ville. The town has a reputation online for being one of those hipster, wholesome, farmer’s market loving places. I’ll finally get to see what all the hype is about and I know I’m going to be in heaven.

‘Tis the season for weddings

I have a lot of engaged friends asking for advice on how to look their best on their big day. My top tip is to stop drinking alcohol at least 2 weeks before hand. Trust me. Second, is to reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrates and dairy – foods that tend to make you look and feel bloated. You could do a 3 day juice cleanse but that might make you go crazy. Lastly, sweat the day of the ceremony to look leaner as well and get rid of any puffy look. A 30 minute run will do wonders for your mind as well.

If your wedding isn’t for a month or so and you haven’t started strength training, you should do so NOW. Here is a 15 minute bridal workout for those who are engaged and those who are not and just want a good workout like myself.

You will need a timer (you can use your phone or a gymboss) and a set of medium weights, 7-10 lbs each.

15 Min Wedding Bootcamp (1)

This workout will take you 15 minutes total. Repeat 4 instead of 2 times for a 30 minutes strength training workout. Rest 1-2 minutes in between sets.

You watch this video as well to see how to do the moves if you are new working out.

Watch more Bridal arm specific inspired workout videos:

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