Bachelorette Arm Slimming Workout Video

After taking a total of 20 class in a month at my favorite bar studio, I noticed how slim and toned my arms were looking. A few people asked me what I had been doing differently and I shared my little obsession with the 60-minute class. I timed my month-unlimited trial with my sister’s wedding. During the vow season, arms are one of the most desired body parts people want to tone up since they are traditionally the most exposed in a dress.

After numerous requests for a workout video people could follow along with, I decided to create a Barre inspired arm workout to share what I think has led my guns to tone up.

Up front disclaimer: I’m not a barre certified instructor but I am a certified personal trainer. Similarly to the Physique 57 workout I did with Lauren Hefez, this workout video is based on one of my favorite group exercise classes. If you enjoy this workout, you should try visiting a bar studio in your area. You will enjoy the in person experience much more, I promise.

In class we use two sets of weights, I use 3 lbs for my light, and 5 lbs for my heavy. In the video, I used just 3 lb dumbbells but mention when to switch.

Modifications: In the video, I use a bench for the push ups and tricep dips. In class, we do these on the floor. For the push up if using a modified version, place hands directly underneath shoulders. Knees should be about hip width apart and feet UNCROSSED. Point toes upwards towards your butt. Try to keep a straight line from your knees to the top of your head.

For the tricep dip, place hands underneath shoulders with fingers pointing towards feet and slightly turned away from each other. Tuck seat under and lift butt up off the ground. Bring butt towards hands slightly so hat rib cage grazes your biceps. Slightly bend your arms with elbows bending directly straight back and press back up through the heel of your hand. Remember to tuck your pelvis, pressing belly button in towards lower back and shoulders in line with hands. If this bothers our shoulders, sit cross-legged on the floor. Grab both weights and straighten arms overhead, bringing biceps to ears. Bend at the elbows and bring weights directly behind the nape of your neck. Keeping bicep and triceps in line with your head, extend both arms up overhead and back down. Repeat.

Did you try this workout? How did you do? Was i easier or harder than you thought it would be?

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