4th of July Weekend

Despite a tropical storm in the forecast, we did our best to celebrate the 4th of July like we do each year. Of course I managed to keep up my marathon training but it was not easy. I took your advice and did my long run before the festivities began. Unfortunately that meant running 13 miles in humid heat on Thursday. It was not fun. I did not have my Vega pre workout Energizer before and I’m convinced it made for an even worse experience but I did it, averaging 10:47 min/miles, 30 seconds off my usual long run pace. Getting it out of the way meant the 4th of July would be my rest day!

We woke up at 7 am to get ready for the beach. The sun was surprisingly out and I was convinced we had until 3pm. I made a big fruit salad, packed up the cooler with lunch, beers and tequila for my summer 2014 drink the Paleo Paloma, and drove out to one of my favorite beaches to hang out with my friends until Arthur arrived. Everyone was in good spirits and came prepared. The weather was not great for getting a tan but the sun kept peeking through. At 11 am, we decided it was time for our annual Jell-O shot flag made by Aimee. Each year, she generously takes the time to make the shots and flag followed by a toast to our health, friends, and blessings. Aimee lives in Aspen now so she flew back for every Cape kid’s favorite Holiday. In addition to the Jell-O shots, we ate plenty of my fruit salad, a sweet potato salad that was delicious and Paleo courtesy of my friend Ashley, veggie burgers, steak tips and Cape Cod potato chips.  I brought a beet salad that I did not touch. I should have known better… Our crew was smaller than usual this year due to the weather. Last summer was insane on the 4th of July with perfect weather. The beach filled up so quickly that some of us were unable to drive out and had to walk a mile with heavy coolers. As a result, we got our shit together and got there early just in case everyone was as crazy as us. Then right at 3pm, as I saw on Accuweather’s app, a little bit of rain started to come down. I came prepared with my Vineyard Vines poncho but shortly after it began, we opted to move our party to our favorite post beach bar, Chapin’s.  I certainly did not need another cocktail but keeping with the tequila train, I ordered a Margarita, every trainer’s “What Not To Drink” cocktail. Oops. We watched a little bit of the World Cup and then headed to my mom’s for a family BBQ dinner. I woke up Saturday surprised that I did not feel terrible. I went for a 5 mile easy run followed by a few strides per my marathon training plan by RacePaceWellness. This was actually supposed to be my Friday run. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing on the beach with my friends and family. I’m excited that like me (when I was younger), my niece Cami can sleep on the beach! If you have ever been to the beach with young kids, you know the nap time dilemma when it comes to the beach. Clearly Cami and I are related. Yesterday, I did my own little 30 minute circuit strength workout and called it a day. The beach was calling my name. It’s now Monday and back to reality. I won’t be back on the cape for two weeks but I think I got my fill of beach days to last me. Have tried my favorite new drink yet, the Paleo Paloma? I drank them all weekend and had zero hangovers and most important, zero regrets. All you do is ask for clear tequila and soda with a splash of grapefruit juice and limes.

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