A “Healthier” Alternative To An Ice Cream Sundae

This isn’t one of those posts where I tell you not to eat something. In fact, it’s one of those posts where I recommend indulging. When you restrict yourself from eating things you know you love, many people have a tendency to binge on them when they finally allow themselves to enjoy it.

Ice Cream Sundae

I’ve been known to enjoy a good ice cream sundae especially Cape Cod. They have my favorite flavors like grasshopper and coffee Oreo, in addition to some of the best hot fudge according to the Food Network. They do however have a ton of empty calories… insert sad face. You can however change that with a few substitutions at home.

In the summer, I tend to let loose on some of my dietary preferences. I usually do not eat a ton of dairy due to bloating and acne side effects when I have photo shoots. This August, I’ve been cutting out alcohol and have noticed that the dairy side effects are much less noticeable. Still, I know many of you avoid dairy as well for personal or medical reasons. Some of you avoid sundaes because they are sugar bombs!

I wanted to share with you today this healthier sundae idea to satisfy your ice cream cravings without the dairy and empty calories!

Vegan Sundae

Different types of ice cream “Cheats”

– Frozen Protein Pudding (1 scoop protein powder, ½ cup-1 cup almond milk), combine until smooth and put in the freezer for 30-45 minutes

Banana Soft Serve — 1-2 frozen bananas, splash of almond milk

– No Sugar Added So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream or FOMU Boston Based Coconut Ice Cream  (vegan)

Keo Pistachio is my personal favorite vegan ice cream

Wink Ice Cream (vegan, 100-calorie pint)

– Arctic Zero (I’m kind like ehhhh on this sh*t but some people love it – not vegan)

Toppings Ice Cream Vegan Sundae

Different Types of “Healthified” Ice Cream Toppings

*All ideas are vegan except for the first one*

  • Use a chopped up protein bar like Vega’s protein bars or Luna Cookie Dough which is not vegan of GF (my intern Mary Kate likes to put the Vega bars in the refrigerator and then chop them up)
  • So Delicious CocoWhip (Light coconut whipped cream – only 25 calories a serving)
  • Homemade Vegan Faux Cool Whip
  • Chia Seeds adds a nice crunch like sprinkles
  • Cacao Nibs for crunch
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Organic Banana Chips from Trader Joe’s
  • Hail Merry raw macaroons chopped up
  • 3 ingredient oatmeal cookies chopped up
  • Homemade vegan chocolate sauce, combining coconut oil and cocoa powder
  • Fresh cherries

For a few more ideas, watch the video above! What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

shooting ice cream

Obviously these are not low-calorie ideas but the foods you are eating at least have some nutritional benefits!


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