I woke up this morning feeling less than stellar. I should have waited to workout, but went for a run on the island despite my hangover. After 2.5 miles, I had to stop. It’s funny, after a mile I felt amazing. My friends went to a spin class on the island and said it was one of the hardest they have ever taken (coming from a Soul Cycle addict). Needless to say, I was glad I did not go. 2012 08 14 10 17 23After 25 minutes, I wanted to curl up in ball on the side of the road. I walked the half mile home, made myself some egg whites with pico de gallo on a sandwich thin with ketchup. Hangover cured.

We headed to the beach shortly after where I brought my favorite beach foods, Popchips and the ingredients to make a turkey sandwich. Yes, I made it on the beach!

2012 08 14 14 42 58

We packed up the ingredients in my Bento Box, except the lavash bread and lettuce. I laid out my aluminum foil on top of the cooler and made myself a delicious turkey wrap with lettuce, tomato, avocado and spicy mustard.

2012 08 14 13 20 48

I was feeling adventurous and added the Popchips to the sandwich. It was a delicious addition. To see how I make my other favorite sandwich at the beach, check out my “What I Eat At The Beach” video.

2012 08 14 13 27 41

We stayed at the beach until 5 pm and then headed over to Cisco Brewery, my most favorite place on earth.

2012 08 14 16 26 08

At the brewery, they make their own beer, wine and flavored vodkas. The blueberry vodka is my favorite! They have live entertainment and the entire family (plus dogs) can go.


2012 08 14 17 41 22

The kiddies were trying to play corn hole but really just enjoyed running up and down the boards. Their feet kept going through the hole, but they didn’t seem to learn. It was entertaining to watch.

2012 08 14 17 41 29

Usually there is no food at the brewery but you can bring your own snacks. We were surprised to see raw bar was available and of course Roomie and I split a dozen. I had my first vacation beverage of the day, which was a bloody Mary.

2012 08 14 17 37 43

It was a perfect day for the beach, oysters and beer. I swam for over an hour in the waves. I love how the water gets deep quick in Nantucket, unlike the bay side of Cape Cod. Tomorrow, I’m planning to take a Barre class at 9:30 on the island that I found through GoRecess. I’m excited to try a new instructor and studio! My entire house (all 7 of us) enjoy working out, so it’s been fun and easy to be active. Do you workout on vacation? Are you the only one or do your friends join in?

Running Hungover in Heat and Day 2 in Nantucket

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  • Renee

    Love this post- I still have never been to Nantucket, but I LOVE Cisco beers! Sankaty Light is my fave but I can never find it anywhere around Boston! Reading your posts like this really make me feel better about my weight loss efforts because I always beat myself up about enjoying beer or wine here and there. What are your best tips for moderating drinking while trying to lose weight and get fit?

  • Alyssa

    My family and I went to Martha’s Vineyard this year. I want to LIVE there! It’s beautiful up north 🙂

    I know what you mean about the after party run! lol Whenever I spend a ight out having drinks, even if I don’t have a hangover the next day, it definitely has an effect on my runs and how far I can push myself. Causes you to be more dedicated though.

  • Ellen @ Wannabe Health Nut

    Looks like you are having a good mix of fun and exercise. 🙂 If you wake up hungover, you just gotta get out and try to get the workout in, otherwise the delayed hangover hits and you’re stuck on the couch all day. (Guilty!) I’m going to a wedding in Maine next month and all of the guests are staying on a campground! The entire weekend is packed full of sporting activities—I can’t wait!

  • alicia

    Awww. Looks like such a good time at the beach. Love the turkey wrap. May I ask what brand of turkey breast deli meat do you usually buy?

    • Sarah

      I buy Boars Head usually -- applegate farm if I’m at Trader Joe’s. I’ve had a ton of questions regarding nitrates and sodium in deli turkey but since I don’t eat it daily, I’m not too concerned about it. If you are, go for organic when you can. They use less fillers and traditionally have less sodium.

  • Blogging Runner

    I always try to workout on vacation. I guess I feel like I’m already more relaxed than normal so I need to accomplish something. I somehow even managed to exercise while staying in Vegas!

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