I’m not a vegan but I have found that I love vegan products. They tend to be made by health conscious companies who use minimally processed ingredients and do not include artificial ingredients, always a plus! Besides certain baked goods, popchips, tempeh, and Shirtaki noodles, among my favorite vegan alternatives is protein powder. My two favorite brands are Vega Sport and Perfect Fit by Tone It Up. I love Vega Sport in Vanilla, so I decided to buy a small packet of the Berry to try while on vacation next week. I ran out of my Perfect Fit packets so I had to grab some portable protein for my pancakes and smoothies.

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While at Whole Foods yesterday, I saw a product called Go Raw Super Cookies on sale. I bought the Chocolate Super Cookies on an impulse for $3.99 and was so glad I did. The ingredients are listed right on the front of the package and you can see what the cookies look like!2012 08 08 13 09 07

They were chocolately, crispy and delicious. Perfect for my recent sweet tooth in trying to avoid processed sugar. I love Raw Kale chips so I figured I should give the cookies a chance. Twitter buddies told me to also try the Spirulina and Ginger Snap flavors. I was tempted to buy the Carrot Cake but no one has mentioned trying it, so if you have, let me know below what you thought!2012 08 08 13 10 00

So petite and cute, perfect for squashing a chocolate craving. They are not labeled vegan but they are. 2012 08 08 13 09 56

The best part in my opinion is that a serving is 18 cookies! I had about 10 after lunch and my dessert craving was satisfied.
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What did I have for lunch? If you know me, and you know I was at whole foods before lunch time, you must already know that I paid the salad bar a visit. I’m obsessed with the WH salad bar. Although, I will say it often looks better than it tastes, you need to go in with a game plan. Yesterday, I added a few grilled veggies, egg whites, olives, beets, sun dried tomatoes (that I took from a Mediterranean salad) and tuna. Just because I like vegan products doesn’t mean I ‘m going to stop eating meat or fish! I used an avocado vinaigrette dressing that was new to me. It was delicious.

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Are you a meat eater who loves to eat vegan products? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Vegan Products for Meat Eaters

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  • Victoria B

    Hey Sarah! While I’ve been on vacation I read Skinny Bitch…I’m sure you’ve read it, but if you haven’t it’s a pro vegan book! While I’m still not convinced about going all vegan (I still love my filet mignon and steamed crabs, hon!), I’m going to try and incorporate some more vegan foods in my weekday meals. I bought a bag of Brad’s Raw Chips (http://www.bradsrawchips.com/collections/all/products/cheddar) from whole foods last week and couldn’t get enough! I had them with guacamole or salsa! I’m also really into KIND bars! Have you tried the Vega sport preworkout drink mix?? It gave me a huge rush of energy without a crash!

    • Sarah

      Yes! I have read it -- or parts of it. I hate how mean they are about caffeine, lol. I will have to try Brad’s Raw Chips and yes, I LOVE the pre workout energizer. I’m pretty obsessed with all Vega products.

    • Natalie

      Bahaha! I agree! It’s an entertaining book with some valid points but super duper bias and neither of the authors have qualifications in nutrition.

  • Jess

    I eat vegan about 90% of the time. Occasionally I want meat or eggs or cheese… and of course ice cream. We have a vegan brand over here call Syndian. There food is amazing! They do lots of vegan burgers and bites!

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