Baby Registry Essentials For Round 2 | Video

When you have the same sex child for number two, you do not get another shower or a sprinkle. You do however get the chance to buy the things yourself that you wish you had registered for the first time.

For me, this meant placing a focus on convenience and sleep. Before Tommy, we were all about minimalism and we still are but if you aren’t sleeping, you are miserable. If you can’t leave the house or get anything done, you are also miserable. Having a baby that wants to be held 100% of the time is exhausting and that is how Tommy kinda was. He needs constant entertainment and movement still.


The first thing I knew I wanted to have was a DockATot. It’s a pricey item but people swear by them. Tommy slept in a rock and play for the first six months of his life and could never be content hanging out without being held. My goal for the DockATot is to create a snuggly environment that he wants to relax in and doesn’t need to be bounced or held. I know you are not supposed to leave baby unattended in one, but we are likely planning to use it with our Halo Bassinest that Tommy hated. It fits inside apparently.

Other items that I bought featured in today’s video include:

UppaBaby Vista PiggyBack and adaptors to use for two instead of one kiddo. In the video, I mention I want to buy the Thule Urban Glide but after trying it out with Tommy, I think he is too big for it! Still holding out on buying a stroller to use with both kids side by side. Might just have to go with the Bob even though I really wanted the Thule.

I also got a Belly Bandit Upsie as seen below in addition to the BFF wrap that I plan to use postpartum.


New Diaper Bag/BackPack

The Ergo Baby Carrier  because Tommy did not like his Baby Bjorn One Carrier or the Baby K’tan very much. I’m desperate for this baby to enjoy being worn that I bought this at Tadpole last June before I was pregnant because it was on sale!

… and I was able to borrow the Baby Bjorn Bouncer! Tommy tried this at a friend’s house and he loved it but was pushing the weight limit so we did not buy it at the time. I knew I wanted it for baby #2 and as luck would have it a friend let me borrow it 🙂

I of course also had to buy size 0-3 summer baby clothes because Tommy was born in January. These clothes consist of onesies that are not long sleeved or stained.

What did you wish you had for your first baby?

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