Pregnancy Update: Week 39 | Baby #2

Happy early 4th of July! I took off last week to spend some quality time with Tommy and we 100% enjoyed it. Now that Dad has joined us in Cape Cod, I am of course the second choice but I am OK with that because it meant I got to sleep in today.

I wanted to share a pregnancy update since I love going back and reading my own… So, if updates are your thing, enjoy!

Pregnant at beach

I am officially 39 weeks and currently a 90 minute – 3 hour drive from the hospital I plan to deliver at. Since Tommy was 9 days late and induced, I do not think I’m going to go anytime soon. I know you can’t predict these things and second babies come quick but we are taking our chances with the current heat wave in Boston.

Size of Baby/Weight Gained

Since I’ve been on the Cape, I do not weigh myself on a regular basis. As of last Friday morning, I had gained about 31-32 pounds, about the same as Tommy by the end. I knew exactly how big T was because I had so many ultrasounds during my third trimester, one of the reasons I decided to switch hospitals.

38 weeks pregnant

Dress above is by Isabel Maternity from Target.

With every ultrasound came a $200 or $400 hospital bill and the same conclusion, “Looks like a big baby.”

There was never anything wrong with Tommy, they just wanted to monitor his size apparently because they were nervous about shoulder dysplasia during birth. Spoiler, he was fine and I had a typical induced vaginal delivery.

I switched to Harvard Vangaurd at Copley and they have been AMAZING. I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes to be seen and I feel like my nurse/doctor team are my girlfriends. I had an ultrasound around 12 weeks, 18 weeks and 28 to check to see if my placenta had moved. It did! I did not get an estimate of the baby’s size so I have no idea.

The baby is the size of a “pumpkin” allegedly but I think my pumpkin is going to come out at least 8 lbs and really hoping he is not bigger than his brother who was 8 lbs 14 oz. I feel like I look bigger but my nurse midwife said she thought is was an “average sized baby” which made me feel better.

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This does not look like an average sized baby to me, but whatever. This dress is by Storq and I’m obsessed.

How am I feeling?

At 39 weeks pregnant, I feel great! I stopped working out and my hip pain disappeared. Sure they feel achey at the end of the day but nothing like they did when I was still spinning and lifting. I have more energy and no longer need the afternoon naps. I love not working out, lol. I don’t feel lazy, I feel like I’m eating less but when I see someone running, I am extremely envious. I love to exercise so when the time is right, I know I’ll be ready to jump back in.

I feel like I could be pregnant for another 2 weeks and honestly am going into the final stretch believing I’m going to be induced. I don’t want to be induced but I do not want to go past 41 weeks because I do not want to birth a 9 lb baby vaginally and that’s what I will have the longer I wait.

pregnant belly bikini shot

Bathing suit above is not maternity, just J.Crew top.


Everyone asks how I’m sleeping and for the most part, I’m sleeping well. I go to bed religiously between 10 and 11 pm as I know I’ll be awake at 6 – 6:45 am. I do not want to go into labor exhausted so I’m trying to avoid messing up any routine. A couple times a night, I do have to get up and use the bathroom but 7 out of 8 times, I fall right back asleep.


Answered this above but to reiterate, I have not worked out since I wrote this post.  The most I have done is a 2 mile walk with Tommy asleep in the stroller. I thought I was going to pee my pants but I made is safely back home. If we were in Boston, I probably would still be working out because I would be tempted by my gym membership and childcare but down the cape, there isn’t much. I usually run around our neighborhood or do my own body weight workouts like this one.

Running after Tommy is my exercise and it’s been so nice down the cape. He loves the beach and doesn’t run very far. It’s quite relaxing because there is little for him to harm himself on and tons of kids for him to socialize with.

Food Cravings and Aversions

I do not have really many cravings that are out of the ordinary. It’s summer and like most people, I’m loving fruit and ice cream. Is this a pregnancy thing? I don’t think so, doesn’t everyone love fruit and ice cream when it’s hot out?

I’ve been enjoying potato salad, turkey clubs, chicken salad, blueberry pancakes… ya know, healthy things. 🙂

Can’t wait to…

See what color hair this baby boy has.

Drink a glass of rose.

39 weeks pregnant

Bathing suit above is non maternity Athleta.

Not have to tell people when my due date is. Pregnant women love to talk about how much they hate when people ask their due dates, boy or girl, etc… and I’ve never been one to mind until recently which is because I’m the super pregnant lady at the beach. In Boston, there isn’t much small talk between strangers but when you are at the beach and your child is stealing other children’s toys, you chat with other parents. I do love hearing everyone’s birth story and I don’t mind being asked, but I feel like a broken record with my own current birth plan. I do love when other women tell me they have summer babies and went into labor on the Cape, made to their hospital and then returned to the beach shortly there after.

I also can’t wait to run again. I really miss it.

Our current birth plan

The current plan is that if I go into labor down the cape, Nick and I will hop in the car and drive to Boston leaving Tommy with my mom. Otherwise, we are going to head home this coming weekend at some point. Since I don’t think I’m going to go early, I’m not concerned. With family nearby, we have a variety of helpers on call to come into the city to watch Tommy. They are between a 20 and 45 minute drive away.

Every little cramp I currently get I time. I am hyper aware of every feeling I have.

I’ll be blogging sporadically this month but am always on Instagram so be sure to follow me there for updates! Follow me @SarahFit.


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