No Gym and No Kitchen

Growing up, there were certain foods that were always in our house like a block of cheese, Triscuits, Crispix, some sort of Keebler cookie, English muffins, Smucker’s Reduced-Fat natural peanut butter, etc (all are long gone by now in this household of “Eat Clean” and “Ideal Protein” diet products). I remember my Mom telling me about how the natural peanut butter was better for you than my beloved honey nut Skippy because it didn’t have partially hydrogenated fats. My Mom has always been “in the know” with the latest health products. While some turn out to be busts, cough cough reduced fat peanut butter and Snackwells, she usually is one of the first to introduce me to new diets or products.

I’m staying with her for a few days in August since I don’t have an active lease for another month. Working from her house today, I was able to try a new vegan protein powder and delicious salad with low-sodium turkey breast and Bolthouse Farms Blue Cheese Yogurt dressing.
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While the Bolthouse Yogurt dressings are not new to me, they are to my mom. She is love with the Blue Cheese and asked me if all the other flavors were just as good to which I responded, “Yes!” While she no longer has processed sugary treats, I still enjoy raiding her cabinets when I come down and stay with her. This is not a Bolthouse Farms sponsored post. It’s just really good and low calorie for a creamy dressing!

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After lunch, I finished up a blog post and a few phone calls and wanted to get in a workout. Without a gym membership, I relied on my favorite app, Nike Training Club to get in my Monday strength training. I decided at 4:45 that I would do Total Impact, an advanced “toning” workout. I didn’t have the recommended equipment because my stuff is in storage but I used a 15 lb sandbag weight and 2 3-lb dumbbells instead. I was just about ready to start when I heard my Mom cheering at the television. She had on the US Women’s Soccer team playing Canada and it was a nail biter, if you missed it.

As a former soccer player, I love watching intense and physical games. I almost cried when Alex Morgan scored the winning goal with less than a minute left. She made a great play earlier during regular playing time that should have been put away by one of her teammates so I was happy to see she was able to make it happen on her own. 2012 08 06 17 15 18By the time it was over, I had a phone call in 30 minutes, so I had to wait to begin my workout. I finally finished at 7:15 PM. My legs felt jell-o like and my face was dripping sweat, just the way I like it. The Nike app really is the best fitness app and it’s free. If you don’t have it and you have an iPhone, you’re missing out!2012 08 06 20 53 29

Pretty proud of my guns and sweat, I wanted to show you all my accomplishments with a lovely and clearly unphotoshopped image. I’m really gonna regret these one day I know it.
2012 08 06 19 17 25
Tomorrow, I get to pick up my dress for the wedding! I’m so excited and nervous. I’m staying with my sister both Wednesday and Friday to get in some quality bonding time before she ties the knot (or because I don’t have an a place to stay, either one).

Do you love to go to your parents house to raid the fridge? Is it a junk food haven or healthy heaven?


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