Treadmill workouts are best when they are short and sweet. Running to no where after all is seriously boring. This interval based, Barry’s Bootcamp style routine is perfect if you are looking for something quick to burn fat and help you get faster. You will not get bored with this one, I promise!

I would rather run outside any day of the week but in the Fall and Winter, I know it’s hard to wake up when the sun isn’t out yet and get out of work early enough that it is still up to fit in that after-work run. If this sounds like you, here is my second Treadmill Workout for your indoor running pleasure!

Shred Mill Workout #2

What you’ll need:

  • A treadmill – I prefer Woodway. They have the funny looking belt with the panels. They get fast quick and are better on your knees!

Beginners should start with the lower end of the speed range or even a point slower than suggested. Advanced can go a point even faster. This program was designed for the intermediate athlete.

Barrys Bootcamp Treadmill Workout

Like this workout? Try my Shred Mill Workout #1 here.

Want a more Barry’s Bootcamp style workout that alternates between the treadmill and strength training? I have two that are perfect. You do not need dumbbells for either one.

I usually get sick of workouts after a year but I’m still loving HIIT workouts like Barry’s and Power at Burn Studio in the South End where I teach.

I go in phases of what kind of fitness I love best. I’ve always been a running, going for 3-6 miles runs 2-4 times a week but I have always sprinkled in other kinds of workouts. Each winter, I usually have a new obsession.

  • Seven winters ago, I loved Pilates in the winter.
  • Six winters ago, I got really into good old fashioned strength training – kinda like Bikini competition stuff. This is when I got ACSM certified.
  • Five winters ago, I fell in love with Yoga.
  • Four winters ago, I embraced Barre and dancer workouts. I did them religiously 5x a week. My body looked the same… Still had these strong quads. They said it was because I still ran which I disagreed with but will never know I guess.
  • Three years ago, I was obsessed with total body spinning classes at Recycle Studio – similar to SoulCycle.
  • Two years ago, I got into swimming and started training for my first triathlon.
  • Last year, I got into high intensity interval training at Barry’s Bootcamp since I taught there and I loved it.

Now, I’m not sure what is left to discover or fall in love with! I still enjoy everything I mentioned above and still take each type of class or do it on my own. I’m thinking I may just keep up my marathon training and challenge myself by running through the cold weather to train for a certain race that finished right my place in April.

What is your current workout obsession?

Blast Fat & Get Fast – Shred Mill Workout #2

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