ClassPass Comes To Boston!

Last night, I was invited to a special launch party with ClassPass, formerly Classtivity, at FlyWheel in Boston. ClassPass is a monthly membership that allows you to go to a variety of boutique studio classes rather than be tied to just one. I got frustrated last year when I was a reoccurring monthly member at The Bar Method. I loved it but since I was paying so much, I didn’t want to spend my money going elsewhere despite wanting to switch it up every once in a while.

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The class at FlyWheel was taught by Anne, who I had never taken before. The bikes were completely booked with fitness loving females, many local health and fitness bloggers. The class also had a few “woo girls” who were hooting and hollering during the sprints. This was a little strange to me at first but the ladies grew on me and by the end, I realized I wished these girls were always in my classes for when the instructor yells,”How are you guys feeling” and there is dead silence. Is Boston uptight or do people hoot and holler at your gym?

The class was my 6th at FlyWheel and felt really good. I feel like I always walk away with a great workout but also that my neck is a little stiff from staring at the Torque monitor under my handle bars. I find that I’m always looking down at it during class. I was sweaty and Sweetgreen brought mini salads! I tried the Kale Ceasar which I haven’t ordered before but am now in love. The Parmesan cheese crisps were delicious. Try this salad on your next Sweetgreen visit. I’ve had the Spicy Sabzi before which is good but wanted to try a new flavor.

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So what is ClassPass? For $99 a month, you can take 10 classes at their partner studios every month. You can only take a max of 3 classes per studio each month. I was weary of the classes they would be offering, but to my surprise, they have some of my favorites! The list of studios that I have been to and reviewed positively include FlyWheel, Recycle Studio, Exhale, Btone and Velo City. For me, living in the South End, the ClassPass early on seems to be worth it. You sign up for classes through ClassPass’ booking website. Studios do have the ability to restrict booking certain classes and also how many ClassPass users can sign up for a single class. I’m interested to see how it plays out.

Other studios I have not been to but are included are Boston Pilates (Boston, Newton, Belmont, Concord locations), Raw Fitness, Beantown Bootcamp, Pursuit Boston (a spin studio), Studio J, Burn Fitness Studio, Charlestown Cycling Club, and Secret Physique (Hingham, Quincy and Pembroke locations), C2 Pilates and Commonwealth Sports Club.

Barry’s Bootcamp (where I teach) is not included but studios will most likely be added regularly as they were in NYC with Classtivity. I’m not saying Barry’s will or will not be added. I have no idea.

This is not a review because I haven’t used it yet it seems to have a lot of promise and I will be trying it out for a month. If you wanna try a class with me at one of the studios, let me know in the comments below and maybe we can plan a mini meet up.

Sign up for ClassPass here and no, this is not an affiliate link 🙂


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