Eats + Workouts From This Week

I really need to do a better job of taking pictures of food and workouts.

Often I hit up salad bars for lunch at Blue Glass Cafe or Whole Foods during the week. If you have mastered taking an appetizing picture of your salad bar concoction, let me know your secret. I never bother because of this…

I posted a picture of avocado toast last week and had a couple of people on Facebook who don’t even like my Facebook page – no idea where the lurkers came from – reply, “Eww that looks gross.” To which I really wanted to reply, “Clearly you’ve never bought an avocado otherwise you would know they look shit when photographed but taste delicious. Welcome to the 21st century.” I held back.

I always wonder how people find time to perfectly light their breakfasts every morning to take blog worthy photographs. And by dinner… forget taking pictures. The lighting in my home is horrible once the sun goes down. Do I really want to set up a light to grab a pic of my supper when all I want to do is chillax and eat it?


Ramblings aside, this week, I was on a Greek yogurt kick. Each morning before teaching I had a cup of 2% Fage plain Greek yogurt (on sale at Whole Foods!) with blueberries and Living Intentions Superfood Cereal.

Lunches were salad bar monsters mostly.

Dinner Tuesday was homemade Pad Thai made with House Food’s Shirataki noodles. We shot a video featuring this recipe and I saved it for dinner later.

Pad Thai Shirataki Noodles

It was delicious and I’m excited to share the recipe next week with you guys. It was inspired by this version on SkinnyTaste.

The next night, I finally tried out the Black Bean noodles that I bought forever ago. They tasted amazing with marinara sauce unexpectedly.  Like my avocado toast from last week – you can file this picture under, food that looks gross but tasted great!

Black Bean Noodles

I quickly heated up some turkey meatballs from Trader Joe’s and added come chopped up onions and Parmesan cheese.

The noodles are by Explore Asian and are gluten-free organic black bean spaghetti shaped noodles. They are also vegan, have 25 g of protein per serving, 12 g of dietary fiber and just 180 calories. The ingredients literally are black beans and water. I think they would be great with Asian recipes but I was in the mood for Italian and they worked great.

Last night I made zucchini noodles with a veggie meat sauce to use up the rest of the pasta sauce. No picture but I should have taken one. It was amazing.

Dessert was fresh fruit since it was on sale! I love mango season 🙂


Monday I went to Barry’s Bootcamp and took class with Chad! I love Chad’s class because he is always dancing and knows how to make me laugh. It was killer on the arms and my biceps were still sore yesterday.

Barry's Bootcamp

I was tired from the weekend so it required a small coffee with almond milk from Dunkin Donuts.

Tuesday I took my usual class at BTone with Claudia.

Wednesday I went for a good sweaty run. I’m running the New Balance Falmouth Road Race with a Boston New Balance team competing against a New York NB team! Our total combined times will determine the winner of some cool prizes. My run consisted of 1.5 mile warm up followed by a 20 minute tempo run and a 1 mile cool down. My tempo was slower than normal due to the humidity.

Thursday was a spin class with Erin at Recycle Studio on Newbury. I loved Erin’s class! It was the perfect mix of endurance and sprints. If you haven’t been to her class yet, definitely check it out.

Today, I’m going for my first long run since the Boston Marathon! It’s just 8 miles but I’m gonna need all the energy I can muster up for this one. I’m just glad I don’t have a full marathon this fall and just a half.

Speaking of… what races do you have on tap?

I’ve got Falmouth and the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco in October!

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