How To Avoid the Freshman 15

If you are entering your first year or last year at college, these 10 tips will help you avoid gaining weight, especially the freshman 15. Watch the video below and share your own tip below in the comments!

The one tip from the video above that is getting some chatter on YouTube is the amount of water I recommended that you drink. In the video, I say to drink the number of pounds you weigh in ounces a day. Many people have said the recommended amount is 1/2 your body weight and while yes that is a popular recommendation and is sufficient for health, but for weight loss, the amount will vary on a person to person basis. Personally, I like to drink between 90 and 130 ounces of water a day because I tend to want to chew gum compulsively or nibble consistently working from home. Drinking tons of water keeps me from doing this. I recommend women to aim for 90 at a minimum and men at 125 which is a little less than a gallon. If you are extremely active (which I am), or drink alcohol regularly (many college students do) you may need to drink more than this amount!

While many of these tips are what I used to lose my own freshman 15 in 2003, I wish I knew about number 10 back then because I gained it back junior year. I was a toxic queen who relied on red eye iced coffees, diet coke, crystal light, sugar free jello, fat free dressings and worse. I ruined my body’s ability to know when I was actually hungry and always craved sugar. Learn from my mistake. Stay clean to keep your body lean.

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