After working hard the past few days, I rewarded myself with not cupcakes but a manicure! I went to MiniLuxe on Newbury street which charges a hefty $19 for a simple manicure but enjoyed my experience with Sunny. I’m not big on rewarding myself with food because whenever I do, it ends up turning into a free for all. Pampering I think is my go-to when it comes to the rewards system. I’m always curious if people find that rewarding a good food relationship with junk food helps them stay on track because it just seems like a train wreck waiting to happen. Would you rather reward yourself with food or a manicure?

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She was amazing with the cuticles, not once did I flinch or wince. I used to HATE manicures because my nail tech would always try to snip too much. This Spring, I discovered how much I enjoyed the quick pampered service thanks to a great little place. Sadly, that salon closed due to an increase in their rent (RIP Thy’s Nail Salon). I’ve been looking for a new place since May and as a result, as you may have noticed in this video, I let my nails go. I tried a few places on Newbury but have not found my home yet.

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I asked my twitter buddies what color I should get. It seemed like neon and pastels were the way to go, so I compromised and got something that looked in the middle. It was a seasonal color by Essie, but I don’t remember the name. I feel like you can tell ‘m still new to regular manicures since I never remember my color. A number of twitter friends told me to get Essie’s Bikini So Teeny, which happens to match the flowers at my sister’s wedding next weekend, so I’ll be getting that color next Friday. Thanks @RunningRunway and @UpToDateKate for the suggestion!

This morning, I went for a booty call featuring the most challenging interval workout I mentioned last week. Today I only did 4 rounds for a total workout time of 32 minutes. I ran 3.5 miles despite walking for least 6 minutes. The workout is no joke and will guarantee to make you sweat.2012 08 02 09 07 51

Afterwards, I showered up and got ready to hit up the office. I packed a few snacks with me since I’ll be going to Bar Method later and will need a bump in energy before hand. I picked up some Coco Lite Muligrain Pop Cakes in wheat. at Whole Foods yesterday based off my friend Elizabeth’s reccomendation. Each crisp has 20 calories and is pretty big! I put 1 tablespoon of peanut butter in between 3 crisps.
2012 08 02 10 48 47

They are made with unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, brown rice flour, corn flour, water, and sea salt. The original flavor has 16 calories per cake and is made with wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, water, and sea salt. I didn’t know the difference, so I just got the whole wheat. I like them but want to try the Blueberry or Maui Onion flavor! 
2012 08 02 10 48 31

They were only $2.99 for 18 crisps. This may be my new rice cake alternative and a great low cal vehicle for my peanut butter obsession. Apples and celery are the other two. The crisps were light and airy. The flavor is not overpowering. Very simple and would probably be great with Laughing Cow Cream Cheese spread and Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Jam!

Have you tried pop cakes yet? I have seen them for a long time, but it took a personal recommendation from a best friend to actually take the plunge and try them.

Would you rather reward yourself with food or a manicure?

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  • Hayley @ Running Down the Runway

    Thank you for the mention! I agree about nail salons on Newbury St- none of them are very good! Miniluxe is definitely the best, but of course comes with quite the price tag (well worth it though!) I love popcakes and use them to make a healthier pb&j often! I also like to top them with cottage cheese and cinnamon.

  • Michelle @ LiveLoudly

    Good choice on the manicure!
    I’m guilty of choosing to treat myself with a sugar treat (especially ice cream). I always think that I’m saving money by not getting that “material” thing but in fact I probably spend equal the amount over time. I’ll think of this next time I go to treat myself.

    • Sarah

      When I was training for my DVD shoot a year ago, I said, after we wrap filming, I’m going to have a cupcake at crumbs. Once I got there and saw the calories (over 600!), I retreated to the red velvet whoopie pie. After I ate it, I didn’t feel satisfied, I wanted more sugar! Since then, I’ve tried to avoid the reward system. If I crave it, I’ll have it but if not, I avoid it. The cleaner I eat, the less junk I want, but yet when it comes time for the “reward” I promised myself, I used to throw my rules out the window.

  • Deana

    LOVE them with Bananas sliced on top with Almond Butter or use strawberries and it makes it taste similar to strawberry shortcake 🙂

  • Cassie @

    I’ve actually been using food rewards with success lately. I switched to after-work workouts (from before-work, which is my preference, but doesn’t work as well with my job), and I’ve always found it more difficult to be consistent with the gym when I don’t go in the morning. I eat relatively low carb, but when I work out in the evenings, I shift some of my carbs to before and after the workout, which has been a welcome change. The thought of oatmeal in the afternoon and salsa on my dinner salad make me much more likely to hit the gym.

    As for manicures, I “reward” myself with those regularly, too. Because I’m pretty sure I do other good stuff. 🙂

    [P.S. New reader. Great place here, Sarah.]

    • Sarah

      Happy to have you hear. Thanks for sharing your own experience. I’m a huge believer and in that every single person is different. If once thing works for one individual, it will not necessarily translate to everyone else. Weight loss especially! What are your “rewards”?

  • Sky

    I usually reward with food because I have a huge sweet tooth! Especially for anything chocolate or peanut butter! For example, this week after working out everyday, eating pretty clean, and work I decided today I would treat myself to something. I love anything coconut in the summer so I grabbed a mexican coconut ice creamish type bar on my way home. It was delicious!

    But I should stop rewarding myself with food because like you said it turns into a free for all.

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