Pregnancy Update: Week 38

This may be my final pregnancy update. We have just 14 days until my due date. At 38 weeks pregnant, baby is cooked and just putting on fat now at this point. I hope to go the full 40 weeks as I’d like my man to have a birthday as far away from the holidays as possible.

Baby Update

Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash, mini watermelon or pumpkin, between 7 – 9.2 lbs and 19-21 inches long according to averages. He has not dropped yet and is moving around like crazy.

Weight Gain

To date, I have gained 29 lbs. When I met with my midwife, I joked how lucky I was to be pregnant between Thanksgiving and Christmas for my final month. She advised me to have treats only on the weekends… jlaw-whtvr

At least my weight gain has been pretty steady at a healthy rate of one pound per week. Most clothes still fit and beyond a few Kohl’s items, two dresses from StitchFix and the haul from Motherhood Maternity, I haven’t purchased any maternity clothing. I do wear the same 5 outfits though. Remember this dress!? Yep, it’s same one from my shower.

IMG 1294

I bought this top at Kohl’s in their maternity section last week. It is one of the few holiday purchases I made for myself! I thought it would be great postpartum for nursing. It’s like wearing a cape sorta.

IMG 1304

This is the new bedroom too! Nick, his mom and sister helped paint our bedroom this weekend. It was a light merlot type color but we went with my go to Rodeo by Benjamin Moore. We still need to buy curtains.

The shoes below are my favorite Rockport Seven to 7 Ally High booty. They are honestly more comfortable than my Tory Burch flats. Side note, while I really like this top, it’s awkward wearing it under a coat.

IMG 1305

Pregnancy Eats

I swear I’ve been eating a more nutritious diet but I only seem to take pictures when I eat not so healthy treats… Saturday morning I offered to pick up supplies at the paint store because I couldn’t help do the actual labor and since it was next door to Blackbird Doughnuts, I had to buy some! I got the salted toffee, coffee and bacon and a peppermint chocolate for my crew and I to share. I must admit I like the donuts from Union Square better but Blackbird is super close to where I live.

IMG 1275

For lunch earlier in the week, I fell in love with this sandwich from Tatte Bakery in Beacon Hill. It was made with pesto, feta, roasted eggplant and tomato. Why did I just discover this gem!? Lots of bread but delicious.

IMG 1249

And once in a while I decide to eat like I should and give baby the foods nutritionists recommend for pregnant women like salmon, sweet potatoes and green vegetables. Salmon has been the only food I haven’t wanted to eat this pregnancy but the wild caught was on sale at Whole Foods so I felt obligated. I roasted it in the oven and added a dill mustard on top, also made at Whole Foods. Literally salmon is the only food my pregnancy has disliked.

IMG 1303

And then I made my favorite Christmas cookies with Whole Paycheck marshmallows, organic corn flakes and grass fed butter for dessert as a reward for eating salmon. I omitted the green food coloring so you may not recognize them as the wreaths from Pinterest.

IMG 1302


IMG 1308

First bare belly shot of my pregnancy!!!! So weird there is at least a 7 lb baby in there.

I am still spinning about 2-3 times a week and doing yoga two times a week, trying to walk and be active on the other days. I didn’t want the baby to come early so I tried to take my workouts down a notch. After Christmas, I plan to add back in some weight training or interval exercises.

  • Monday – 1 hour Yoga
  • Tuesday – Rest/Moved out of old place
  • Wednesday – 45 minutes BTone SPX Pilates/Moved into new place
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – 45 minutes indoor cycling Recycle Studio
  • Saturday – Rest/unpacked
  • Sunday – 45 minutes indoor cycling Recycle Studio
  • Monday – 1 hour Yoga at Yoga Works Back Bay
  • Tuesday – 90 minutes Yoga at Yoga Works Back Bay
  • Wednesday – Walked 3 miles
  • Thursday – 45 minutes indoor cycling Recycle Studio* I signed up and plan to go tomorrow 🙂


So, I feel terrible when I have to write this paragraph. I’ve been VERY lucky and haven’t had many terrible symptoms. I still have heart burn at night but a single Tum before bed has helped. I’m incredibly thirsty. I can’t drink enough water and crave milk! I opt for almond milk but still, I never used to drink it straight.

I am noticing fluid retention finally although not much. I can see it in my legs when I take off any tight socks or yoga pants. I can also see it in my face.

I haven’t had many traditional contractions but have noticed an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions. This is when your uterus gets rock hard.

I have been getting more tired in the early afternoon and evening like in the first trimester. If I do too much early in the day, I am wiped out by sun down (which was 4:15pm today).


I thought the baby was supposed to slow down but he has only sped up. He moves non stop. Saturday night, he literally was moving for almost an hour straight from 1-2am keeping me up. My midwife said he probably liked something I ate and since I was at a holiday party at Legal Sea Food that means he is like his momma. The crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, lobster rolls and cupcakes from Sweet were all delicious. He has good taste in food already.


Disbelief. I can’t believe how soon he will be here. I’m finally relieved to be in the new space and be able to start nesting! I’ve been waiting to nest all friggin pregnancy and now I can finally begin. I can’t wait to put together my Baby Bjorn pack ‘n’ play, my mamaRoo, stroller and put the car seat in place.

I’m also feeling extra emotional. I started to make my labor playlist to listen to while I am at the hospital and the songs kept making me tear up! Uptown Girl was popular when my mom was pregnant with me and she used to always mention how it was “my song” for that reason. My sister has always tried to argue it was her song and not mine because she liked it so much as a toddler. But for some reason when it came on, my eyed filled up with water! What is going on? I haven’t experienced any tears during pregnancy. Is this when they come? My little guy’s song I guess has to be Hello by Adele then, right? It’s probably a good thing I can’t sing it without sounding like a donkey for all parties.

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