Summer Vacation As a Work From Home Fit Mom Part 1

double bob summer workout with tommy

As I stare at my computer to share the adventures of being a work from home mom during summer vacation, I’m forced to remember how lucky I really am to be able to stay with my mom on the cape and work from where ever.

Instead of share the logistics of life trying to work while being the primary care giver for two young children, I thought you’d find it most helpful for how I find balance to live a healthy life.

First, find a gym with childcare if fitness is your thing like me. When that is no longer an option like on the cape, buy a set of dumbbells that are more than 8 or 10 lbs. My mom luckily has 15s for me to use.

During Connor’s morning nap, Tommy has joined me on a few occasions for my FASTer Way strength workouts. This is fun until he tries to climb under me for pushups or sit on me during hip lifts. Then, I give him my phone to watch videos 🙂 #SUMMER

Naps are challenging around here. Connor likes his crib, Tommy likes a car or stroller and gets bored at home during C’s naps. So I sucked it up and also bought a jogging stroller, the Bob Revolutuion Flex 3.0 Duallie stroller aka a Double Bob. I’ve only used it twice but I’m hopeful this will allow me another way to workout with both kids, asleep or awake. I love it so far and will be doing a full review once we’ve used it a bunch.

Connor fell asleep in it an hour earlier than he usually goes down for a nap resulting in a 45 minute nap and throwing off the days schedule so I’ll have to be a little more strategic with the timing of my runs. Unfortunately, he sleeps an hour MORE in a crib than in a stroller so we may be using it asap after he wakes up or for Tommy’s nap time heat permitting.

Here is what my week in workouts looked like this week:

  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: RUN, about 3.5 mile run
  • Wednesday: REST
  • Thursday: Total body strength (FWTFL VIP Wed Workout) about 35 mins, Tommy joined!
  • Friday: Upper body strength (BBG Upper Body) about 35 mins
  • Saturday: BOOTY Strength (BBG Legs) with 10 min run about 40 mins
  • Sunday: Tested out new Double BOB with short 3 mile run

For food, I’m taking advantage of Peapod by Stop & Shop. No, this isn’t a sponsored post but just a very thankful mom that grocery delivery exists on the Cape. I buy protein in bulk and then will grill a ton of chicken for myself and the boys to have on hand. We don’t have a grill in Boston so I use one down here as much as I can. I also make a big batch of quinoa or rice so I have some staples ready to go. Fresh cucumbers, grape tomatoes and red onion make a super easy grain bowl with quinoa or salad that’s ready in minutes if I meal prep a little in advance.

I am still intermittent fasting which is awesome because I don’t have to think about breakfast. I admittedly love my ice cream but it makes me feel bloated as most dairy does but by waiting until noon to eat, I feel back to normal.

The old me would have “punished” myself with an extra hard workout or diet of protein and veggies but with intermittent fasting, I eat normal and don’t think much about what I’m eating as long as it’s nutrient dense for most part and within my eating window. I was counting macros but now that I’ve reach my goal, I find that carb cycling and eating mindfully with the FWTFL workouts, I’m able to maintain feeling good.

The boys on the other hand have been fulling enjoying the summer diet of french fries, chicken fingers, ice cream and scones. I’m still navigating how to avoid this daily routine.

As for work, I’ve been lacking in motivation. I now will have help moving forward this summer but did not until this week. Hopefully, the extra hands with allow me to be more focused and intentional with my blog. I work mostly on my phone which I hate, but now I’ll have 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I’m hoping for an hour after the kids go to bed but Tommy is a wild card still these days and often just goes to bed with me at 9:30/10 pm.

OK, so there is my little update. Don’t forget, my next FWTFL round starts one week from TODAY!

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