My New Favorite Online/DIY Workouts!

For the Holidays, my network, DECA, gave me a Google Chromecast. I have used it for NetFlix but today I tried out a few exercise videos from my computer. Using my Google Chrome browser, I pulled up a video from Physique57’s online workout library and sent it to my TV so I could watch it the big screen to follow along.

The Strong and Lean workout was awesome. It costs $5 to rent but for real this might be my favorite at home Barre workout video ever. It requires no equipment so it’s perfect for travel. It’s 30 minutes long and you have 48 hours to watch it. Classes cost over $25 in NYC so this is a steal for your living room.

Strong and Lean

I shot a segment with NECN (local news station) this morning which is why I was testing out a variety of online workouts and apps for health and fitness. I shared my favorite apps like MyFitnessPal, Nike Women Training Club, and Pear Sport.

Wanna try a class at Barry’s Bootcamp but can’t afford it or don’t live close enough?

Pear Sport  has recently added 6 new workouts from trainer Nancy Halterman featuring tread and shred style workouts that combine treadmill and strength training HIIT. Nancy manages the Barry’s Bootcamp in Irvine so I’m sure that is where her inspiration came from. Check out one of Nancy’s two beginner Tread’n’Shred for free and then upgrade to one of the 4 intermediate and advanced for just $1.99. Don’t forget, Pear syncs up with any bluetooth heart rate monitor so during the workout, Nancy may tell you to increase or decrease the intensity.

Barrys on Pear

Pear is similar to Nike Training if you haven’t yet used it in that the trainer takes you through the workout the whole time, telling you when to start sprinting, crunching, etc. For the Tread’n’Shred, you obviously need a gym but technology is helping you have an affordable personal trainer.

Also, I was impressed with the variety of workouts DailyBurn has got going on. Membership is just $10 a month and you have access to 15 different programs to help you reach your goals. Each program is different with a different goal and client in mind. I watched the videos using my Chromecast but could have used my Roku.Daily Burn has a channel on Roku so if you have one and workout regularly from home check them out.

Of course I mentioned my favorite YouTube channels in the segment too… Sarah Fit (self promotion, what!?), Tone It Up, Blogilates, BexLife and Tara Stiles.  I do also love BeFit but since they are owned by Lionsgate… I gotta represent the little guys 🙂

The segment will go live next week and I’ll be sure to post a link it when it does. Do you workout at home? When I had a 9-5 job with Diet.com, I used to do ExerciseTV a few times a week! Now that I work from home, my workouts have left until this morning when I discovered Physique57’s Strong and Lean

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