The Last Weekend Before The Storm

This weekend was exactly what I needed, a relaxing break from the summer rush and parties. Saturday morning, Roomie and I played tennis for almost 90 minutes. It was humid and hot making for a sweaty experience. The Oakley sunglasses I received at the Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet amazingly stayed put the entire time.

2012 08 04 12 33 57

Afterwards, we walked down to the beach for some reading, sunning and swimming. I brought some almonds in my bag for a snack since I’m always hungry before Roomie when it comes time for lunch in the summers.
2012 08 04 12 43 47

It was almost too hot for the beach. I brought along my beach umbrella, and sat underneath the entire time. This is either a sign of my age or a sign of how unbearable the sun was on Saturday. The beach is my happy place. It is one of the few places I can truly relax.
2012 08 05 13 22 39

For dinner, we grabbed steak tips and marinated shrimp for the market. The shrimp were huge! It was the first time buying them from my favorite little place in town and for $15.99 a pound, a true treat. We had a salad and corn on the cobb as well.

2012 08 04 19 38 29Including a bottle a bottle of wine, the total cost of our dinner was $43. It wasn’t cheap but it was good.

2012 08 04 19 40 15

On Sunday, the humidity was still relentless. I went for a run wearing my favorite Nike Free running sneakers that have the Nike+ sensor. I have been doing a ton of intervals using RunKeeper lately so I haven’t been using the Nike app that comes with your iPhone but since I was just going for a regular jog, I used the app. When I got back, I sent the data to Nike and was able to see my average speed and compare it with my previous runs.

2012 08 05 18 21 04

I didn’t realize that it kept track of what time I would go running at, or what my fastest 5K was. I love data and will be using this app more often. I guess I can run both at the same time as long as I can recharge my phone when I get back!

When I got home, my face was beet red and clothes drenched. I stretched and showered and got ready to go out to dinner with my mom. We went to Scargo Cafe and upon my mom’s recommendation I got the halibut with broccolini and quinoa. I love it when a restaurant serves quinoa and rarely can pass up the opportunity to order it.

We both opted for a glass of Pelegrino instead of wine since we have a special wedding coming up on Saturday…

2012 08 05 22 39 18

It was perfect Sunday evening dinner. This morning I got up and started my Monday right with a protein pancake with a vegan protein powder my mother bought. It was not as good as Vega but she can’t remember the brand… I think it’s Sun Warrior. Either way, I’ll stick to Perfect Fit and Vega for my pancakes.

2012 08 06 10 02 58

And now, I begin one of the most busy weeks of my year and the countdown to my sister’s wedding has begun. T-5 days until my MOH duties are complete. I’m a little stressed out seeing as I’m picky up my dress with the alterations on Wednesday and have yet to write my speech. My brother told me that it will come to me on Friday and I’m hoping he’s right!

Have you ever had to give a speech at a wedding? If so, when did you write it and did you just wing it!?

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