My TV Guide Debut: Strength vs Cardio Days

Happy Friday! As I try to do each Friday, here is my workout schedule from this week. I was still continuing my month unlimited class pass at The Bar Method Boston so that was my source of strength training.

  • Monday: 35 Minute Morning Run and moving
  • Tuesday: 1 Hour Bar Method Class and more moving
  • Wednesday: 1 Hour Bar Method Class
  • Thursday: 30 Minute Interval Run and 1 Hour Bar Method Class
  • Friday: 1 Hour Bar Method Class

I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks trying out a few different classes and DVD’s now that my pass has ended. My sister’s wedding is a week from tomorrow so my diet has been really clean. It’s also the end of week 3 in the DietBet competition. I still have 1.1 lbs to go to make sure I get my $15 back!

Yesterday, I filmed a daily vlog after my 30-minute interval run as part of VEDA (Video Every Day August). YouTubers join together to challenge themselves to create a new video each day during the month (obviously). I tried to do this in February and failed. This time around, I know I’m not going to be able to upload a video every single day. I’m going to try to upload as many as I can, hoping that it’s something people actually want to watch! Between the wedding and my vacation in Nantucket, it really is going to be a challenge.

I suggested in the “more info” on YouTube to submit questions for me to answer in case I need video ideas. If you have one, leave it in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer it on one of the days.


Did you know that Lionsgate, the production company behind The Hunger Games and many more blockbusters, is the leading producer of fitness DVD’s? I didn’t until I was asked to be a part of their new YouTube channel, BeFit. BeFit is an awesome YT channel that features your favorite workout DVD’s (like Jillian Michaels) for free! Even though Comcast On Demand no longer carries the workout videos, you can still watch many of the same ones for free on YouTube. They have a new show, hosted by Melana Scantlin from E!, that features your burning questions called “You Asked For It,” which are answered by fitness experts including yours truly. TVGUIDE.com had a write up on the new web show, and included me in doing so.

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The first episode features myself and DENISE AUSTIN! Yep. I’m featured in the same video as the legend, Denise Austin! I had no idea until I watched it yesterday. So cool. My dad used to work with Denise back in the 80’s when Reebok Aerobics were the hot exercise trend. He once told me to email her and mention he was my Dad, because emailing Denise Austin is easy peasy like that. If I ever meet her, I’ll be sure to mention it but part of me wonders if my Dad really knows how big Denise still really is.

Watch the clip above to find out if you are balancing you strength, cardio and rest days properly. I also share my tip for creating a schedule that will stick. Denise answers the long debated question, which should come first, cardio or weights.

Enjoy your weekend! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to stay updated on my #fitVEDA vlogs. Going to the beach? Try my favorite BYO Lunch.

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