Things To Do on Weekends Dilemma

Tomorrow, I am going to the Junior League of Boston show house with two girlfriends. I’m a big fan of HGTV so I’m pretty excited about the concept. Thirty-six local interior design firms take over a room in this mansion and totally redecorate. It’s like a home makeover on steroids and I can’t wait.

ShowHouse 2012 pic Updated

While I know this is not necessarily a fitness activity, it is a way to socialize with friends on a weekend that doesn’t revolve around drinking a food, something that I struggle to find given my age and interests. If we aren’t running a race or jogging a long the river, it seems like the only other option is to spend money on clothes I don’t need, eat (which is Boston rarely is at a “healthy restaurant”) or drink. Obviously all three are fun, but it’s hard to find fall options.

The show house is open during the week but also on the weekends. One of the reasons I love the League is for their mission. It’s very close to my heart and job for that matter. The house is put on each year to raise money for our community outreach efforts in the greater Boston area.  The programs all “promote the wellness and nutrition of girls through attention to the issues girls of all ages face on a daily basis, including low self-esteem, poor body image, obesity, food insecurity, and poor nutrition.” If you are interested in buying a ticket, I can hook you up with discounted ones. Just leave a comment below or send me an email.

Last year, I went to a corn maze which was fun but of courses ended with apple cider donuts (lol). I was planning to go apple picking as well but never made it. I love watching football and tailgating but those too are centered around wings and beer.

What fall activities do you enjoy that are not centered around comfort food and booze? 

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be running in the All GIrls and One Lucky Guy 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. I would love to get picture at the finish line with any readers! I’ll be wearing pink compression socks up to my knees and tweet out a location at the beginning and end of the race.

Lastly, good luck to all the runners in the New York City Marathon this weekend. My heart goes out to all my friends in the area. Stay strong. You’re in for one of the most memorable races you will ever run in your life. Make it count and remember to give back.

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