Top YouTube Workout Videos To Do At Home

If the days seem short and you have little time to get out and exercise, I’m right there with you. I’ve been saying this all year but you do not need an hour of time in the gym to see or feel results. I’ve been going through my YouTube videos doing a few updates here and there and can’t believe how many GOOD, HARD, EFFECTIVE workouts that I have.

Here are some of my favorite YouTube workouts videos that are shot in real time, that you can do along with me at home. Most do not require equipment and a few include weights which most of you have at home, right? 😉

For a full list of my workout videos, visit my workout library here. 

This is a recent video that you might have seen. It’s one of the hardest ab workouts on my channel!

This is one of my favorite butt workouts. It’s ten minutes long and requires no equipment.

Another video shot in the Caribbean while I was regnant but one of my favorite total body routines. It’s 12-minutes long, you can repeat it for a 24 minute challenge and feel totally worked. It combines cardio and strength using just your bodyweight.

This is a playlist featuring the 5-minute Fit workouts. They are all super tough and short. Do one or all 5 for a super hard 25 minute workout. If you were or are an SFit fan, please be patient – I will have an announcement by the end of the month!!! I have a phone call tomorrow to see the new site with the videos 🙂

If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you know how hard the arm portion of class can be. This is a real time arm sequence modeled after The Bar Method arm series.

I remember I was so sore after we shot this pyramid video. I shot it for Adidas but I loved the workout so much, I taught a number of times in class. I did add weights though 🙂

Another really hard arm workout that takes 10 minutes and requires dumbbells. One of my personal go to routines.

This bootcamp routine is 15 minutes long and shot in my super small apartment. I’m probably the leanest in this video but I was hangry a lot of the time. I look at this video and remember that I spent a lot of time thinking about what I ate and did for exercise. I don’t anymore but feel like I look even stronger. It’s still a really good workout but also a flash down memory lane.

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