Ultimate Standing Crunch-less Ab Workout

I created this standing crunch-less ab workout in September of 2011. I recently stumbled upon it and realized it is actually a really good postpartum ab workout as well.

And speaking of 2011, this was prime crazy dieting Sarah. Sure my abs look good in this video but all I thought about was food. I was afraid of carbs, I would all day eating super healthy and then I’d binge at night and feel terrible about myself. It was not enjoyable.

I never actually felt like I looked that good for much longer than a day at a time back then. The scale would ruin my day in the morning. I would then feel the need to overcompensate by exercising of course in a way that was no efficient.

My videos were about how to stop binge eating or eating late at night which is funny, because I needed that advice myself. I was giving advice that I needed to hear! I was researching tips and resharing the ones that worked for me on my blog. Even though I knew the tips, which were like, “paint your nails so you can’t reach your hand into a bag” or “brush your teeth” they really didn’t work for me. They weren’t solutions to feel satiated, not be hungry at the end of the day or feel emotionally OK to not want to stress eat.

The actual solution was to eat more calories and find true happiness (easier said than done, right?). I wrote a lot of this here when I was first pregnant with Tommy in 2015 and how I found a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

So anyway, check out this effective Ultimate Crunch-less Abs Workout!

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