Week in Review: What You Missed!

Last night, I was lucky to be able to attend an event held at the posh Taj in Boston for Fashion’s Night Out called Project Fashion.  I report on occasion for a local TV show in Boston called Dirty Water TV.  

In the past, I’ve been lucky to score interviews with Stephen Tyler and Bruins’ captain, Zdeno Chara.  No such luck this time, but I was able to meet some of fashion’s elite here in Boston.  For the first time, I felt like I actually belonged at one of these Fashion events.  I knew many of the guests, and they remembered me.  The dress I’m wearing was made by Cynthia Rowley.  The back is super cute and has a gold zipper, which you can’t see.

The show featured designs by Nara Paz, a local Boston designer from Brazil who I’ve interviewed twice now!  She is super nice and I fell in love with her evening wear!  I’m not a big fashionista but with Fashion Week coming to Boston this year, I’ll probably get a little more into it.

Rather than bore my fitness loving friends with Boston Fashion, I have been super busy writing all over the web!  If you’re not following me on Twitter, you probably missed most of these information and amazing articles I contributed to:

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 Bar Method Class Review

I was thrilled last week when I was offered the opportunity to take a class at Boston’s new Bar Method location.  It’s actually their first official opening and boy were my legs sore the next day!

My New Favorite Running App I’m Using To Train For Races  

I needed a new game plan for preparing myself for the 10 mile obstacle race, the Urbanathlon.  Check out what app I found to be most helpful with my training.

New Arm Slimming Strength Routine   

Looking to tone up your flabby arms with weights but no clue where to start?  Check out my newest video featured exclusively on The Laughing Cow’s Channel.

A Healthy Homemade Dinner From Your Freezer  

Read this post before you go to the grocery store.  It gives tips on staples to have in your freezer so that you can create a quick and healthy meal with all foods from your freezer!  Best of all, they never go bad!  You no longer have an excuse for ordering chinese – unless you’re really craving it! 🙂

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