Week in Workouts + My Phone Smashed!

Well summer ended rather quickly and it’s not something I’m upset about. I have been struggling to keep up with work… but you all already knew that 🙂


Here have been my workouts lately:

post workout selfie

  • Tuesday: Spin at Recycle with Babysitting
  • Wednesday: BTone with Nicole (45 minutes of Pilates) – Tommy at home w/ Dad before work
  • Thursday: 45-minute Peloton class at my gym in Boston – Tommy in babysitting at gym
  • Friday: Nothing
  • Saturday: 35 minute run (warm up plus 30 sprint/30 jog x 15) + 10 minute Booty workout – Tommy with Dad
  • Sunday: Nothing because my lower body was so so sore! Who knew a ten minute body weight workout could do that!?
  • Monday: 35 minute run – Tommy with Dad
  • Tuesday: 30 minute Peloton class at my gym in Boston – Tommy in babysitting at gym

The selfie above is post one of the Peloton workouts! I love that I can get in a “class” on my own time and choose from 45 or 30 minutes long! They have 60 minute classes as well but not my thing right now as you know.

Personal Stuff if you like that sort of thing…

We spent our last weekend of summer in the Cape and also in Boston. We are taking on a fun project that I’m excited to share at a later date as it has NOTHING to do with fitness, health or social media and it may give you the chance to hang out with Tommy and me! We spent Saturday being lazy but the rest of the weekend was bumping.


We ventured to IKEA on Monday and that went as well as it could have.

Tommy wanted to be held the entire time. Then he decided to play corn maze and run away from us laughing hysterically. He wanted all the toys which thank god are at the end and then we barely managed to fit it all in the car. Tommy’s and my favorite part was getting to eat the yummy swedish gummies at the end. I should have bought more since the two of us ate the entire bag in minutes. It was only 3.5 servings in our defense.

Today has been a little stressful. I realized it had been awhile since I blogged and that just added to my nerves.


On Thursday, I leave for a shoot in NYC. The brand wanted Tommy to join and I just logistically couldn’t wrap my head around what that might be like to have him on set all day without a familiar care giver really. Do I fly, take the train, stay over night, what times work best… etc. I ultimately have decided not to bring him but now wish I could have figured out a way.

This morning I went to Bright Horizons for a tour because Tommy is going to part time day care! I didn’t realize that this was an option, clearly I didn’t do my research but we are hoping to do 2 days a week 9-3 pm. I think this will be a game changer for me.

Right now, I am actually in Verizon. Tommy is napping in the stroller thankfully. Of course, I smashed my phone last night. Frantically I backed it up at 11 pm to make sure nothing was lost if my phone all of a sudden just quit on me. You may have heard that Apple is coming out with a new iPhone and of course I always manage to break mine right before they do!

Not having Instagram or my email on the go is so hard. It’s nice having a little detox but as soon as I open my computer, I am overwhelmed by emails.

So $150 dollars later, I have a new phone being sent to me tomorrow, hopefully before my NYC trip.

On my way home, I passed a young lady that looked to be in her young twenties and pregnant sitting on the side of the street with a homeless sign and cup for cash.

I didn’t have any money on me so I asked her if I could get her something to eat. She said of course and had no preference. I started to go to the nearest cafe but then made a U-turn and went to the ATM instead. She was so polite and sounded optimistic. She is due in December and is moving into a home in Arlington for young women who are homeless young mothers and need assistance. She’ll be able to go to school and apply for grants to help her live on her own. I couldn’t hold tears back from eyes as I walked away. I just can’t fathom going through pregnancy on the streets, likely alone and it made me feel so silly for being stressed about a broken phone and whether to bring my son on a business trip to NYC.

I haven’t said much on social media in regards to Houston but my heart goes out to all the families who lost loved ones or everything they own. Like many of you, I was touched by the story of the mother who drowned trying to save her 2 year old daughter. While tragic stories that involve children often make for the most memorable headlines, they also compel people like me to donate, take action and help. It’s too bad that events like these often force us to reevaluate our own priorities but I encourage you if you have not done so to donate what you can even if it’s $5 to one of the Houston Relief Funds.

I’ll see you all back on Instagram hopefully tomorrow. Until then, I think I’ll enjoy a little less social media and enjoy spending time with Tommy.


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