10 minute Postpartum Full Body Workout

I hesitated to share workouts during and after my first pregnancy because I didn’t know what I was doing with so much conflicting information out there. I needed to go through it from start to finish to feel confident in sharing my favorite routines.

That being said, here is my second workout video featuring a postpartum routine!

This is not just for women who have given birth but for anyone looking for a low impact 10 minute workout. It is a total body routine that you can do at home without any equipment.

Here is the breakdown:

You will do this circuit 2 times through.

Move #1: Squat 60 seconds – do this by sitting on a bench and standing back up, if you want a challenge try a single leg squat. You’ll do each side for 30 seconds.

Move #2: Donkey Kick 45 seconds each leg

Move #3: Tricep Circle 60 seconds (watch video for demo but basically you are in table top position, bend at the elbow and lowering chest towards ground, move hips forward and press through palms and triceps to come back to starting position so you do a circle essentially with your torso.

Move #4: Superman Rotation Opener 30 seconds (watch video for demo but lie down on the ground lift feet and chest off the ground, arms by your side, squeeze shoulder blades together as you rotate your palms to face the ground opening up the chest, then relax and let palms face up. Repeat.

Move #5: Plank into Saw Plank 60 seconds : Hold you plank for 30 seconds then add a little movement from the toes shifting bodyweight forward and back and a few inches while still holding the plank for an additional 30 seconds.

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