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As a Boston blogger in the fitness community, I frequently am asked for recommendations for the best healthy restaurants, fitness studios, yoga classes and now even kid stuff. I’m happy to share my suggestions but as much as I like to travel the world, it’s hard to keep up in my hometown.

I rely on recommendations from my friends with good taste, local magazines I trust and websites regularly being updated. We are in the midst of a health and fitness boom. I didn’t even know Mother Juice opened on Newbury Street and Pressed Juicery is slated to as well this Spring/Summer!




Good city guides that can keep up and share the same affinity for health and wellness as much as I do are HARD to come by. With Spring break and spring travel upon us, you too might be looking for resources. Here are my two favorite tips for healthy planning in Boston or around the country:


Fitt is your guide to living an active lifestyle and having fun doing it. With local experts on the ground in cities across the country, they provide an in-depth look at the best workout spots, healthy eats and upcoming events in the community.

Fitt Nation covers fitness happening in the U.S. and around the world from fitness-themes festivals to incredible studios and epic outdoor adventures. Fitt City Guides are Fitt’s city-specific guides that are go-to sources for connecting with the local health and fitness community. Boston is one of the locations you should check out whether you’re visiting or live here.

I love this post featuring the Best Healthy Brunch spots in Boston, something I’ve searched on Google, Yelp and Eater many times and always felt disappointed lol. This photo is actually from San Francisco.

Post Race Brunch


Fitt helps make fitness fun by connecting people to their local health and fitness community.You can see if you live in a Fitt City or get in touch to recommend you city.

With Fitt it’s easy to get Boston healthy eats recommendations and fitness suggestions from locals.


Ok, you are either thinking this is like looking for a needle in a haystack or you know what I’m talking about. I discovered the coolest food tour via Instagram when researching our trip to Prague. It’s fun to just go down the rabbit hole of hashtag city. Type in Boston. Type in #HealthyBoston… or #HealthyDenver, whatever city you’re in or visiting. See where it goes. Next thing you know, you’ll come across the most delicious avocado toast photo you’ve ever seen! The honors of that my friends goes to Pressed in Beacon Hill and the South End, in case you were wondering.

FOMU Smores ice cream vegan


I think donuts kinda rule Instagram but you can find good healthy food on there too. Vegans love Instagram hash tags too and while I’m not a vegan, I totally appreciate a good plant-based dish so I often search #vegansofboston or “vegans of ______.” This usually leads me to some healthy joints.  Above photo is vegan ice cream by FoMu, a must try!

I do come out with guides to my favorite spots of course, too. Here is a list of my favorite Boston studios, healthy restaurants (<— 2 years old!!! Need to update) and travel suggestions from the cities I have visited. Unlike Fitt.co I’m not great at updating these guides though. 🙂

Fitt takes out the leg work and cuts down on your research time. Bloggers like myself will venture outside our comfort zone for a good Instagram picture but at the end of the day, I’m going to share what is local and close to me and if you only followed my recent posts you would miss out on some great healthy places like Life Alive that is hard for me to visit on the regular. I’m an expert when it comes to Back Bay/South End references for healthy food and fitness but once I leave, I could use more advice.

This post is brought to you by my friends from Fitt.co. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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