I Chopped Off My Hair!

Before I left for LA, I got my hair cut and highlighted at Shag Boston by the fabulous Steph and Kara. Steph made me blonder and Kara chopped it all off! Every one is cutting their hair these days and I jumped on the bandwagon. I’m obsessed with how quick it is to blow it dry!

Hair Cut St Patricks Day

On St Patrick’s Day I tried to get a selfie with my nephew to show off my hair cut and this was the best we got. I’m in LA shooting the third and final round of full length videos for an upcoming Sarah Fit project. We have shot over 30 workout videos! Filming these videos is taking every ounce of energy I have each day. I’m so excited to share them with you guys. They are intense, short and so effective. My own body has seriously changed since we began shooting.

SFIT Shoot

Filming real time workout videos is so freaking hard because we don’t just shoot one a day. We shoot four. You at home are supposed to do one a day, but I’m shooting four of them. This leaves me sore as F* for the next day’s shoot. This is how happy I am to be done day 2! I was scheduled to run 9 miles after this too…

Full Body Workout Outfit

Since I must have lots of energy on camera and be able to get through the workouts, my breakfast has been green juice and Paleo Pancakes with almond butter. I have a video showing how I make them coming up next week! It’s about 400 calories and has lots of quickly digested carbs with a little bit of protein and fat so I don’t look bloated on camera first thing in the morning.

Paleo Pancakes

My juice of choice out west is Pressed Juicery. They also make something called Freeze which is their juice mixed with dates and coconut to make a soft serve ice cream of sorts! I may have to drive some distance to try it tomorrow after my final day.

Pressed Juicery

When I used to have big shoot like this, I used to be so restrictive with my diet because I was so whatever about my diet when I didn’t have a shoot scheduled. This time around with marathon training, I have been so different. I really haven’t changed my diet at all as you saw in my What I Ate In A Day Marathon weekend post. If anything, I’m eating much more. Tomorrow, I’m uploading a new video featuring another marathon training diet weekend edition. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see it when it goes live.

I’ve got two more full days here on the west coast and then I’m taking a red eye back to Boston so I can celebrate my birthday with Roomie which is March 23rd. This is hopefully the last time I have to fly until the marathon… fingers crossed.

Have you joined team #Lob (long bob) yet?



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