Whole Food On a Budget? YES! Here Are My Must Haves

Whole Paycheck. They call it that because it’s true. I even shot a video showing how easy it was so spend a fortune on a couple of groceries at Whole Foods!

However, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Whole Foods really does have good deals. The bulk bins are fabulous for ingredients for recipes when you aren’t sure if you’ll make it again or use them. Spice bins are great for that as well.

The Everyday 365 Value line is amazing. In my new video this week, I’m featuring what I’m always buying at Whole Foods to save money. This is a budget grocery store shopping list and Whole Foods is my nearest grocery store. This isn’t sponsored, it’s just where I shop out of convenience.

I go to Trader Joe’s to save money on bananas, organic chicken, organic string cheese, cereal, chips and salsa. If I really want to save money, I’ll go to ALDI. They have the best prices hands down but I have to drive there. Whole Foods is where I do the bulk of my shopping because it’s within walking distance and these items you’ll always find in my house.

I have other favorites, too, but I wanted to feature items that are available nationwide and affordable. Whole Foods loves to feature local companies but my favorite vegan chocolate treats are not the cheapest and not available in New York City.

Here are a few of my other grocery store hauls:

Grocery Haul at ALDI

My 5 Favorite New Trader Joe’s Items

Whole Foods Snack Haul

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