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I started my triathlon training on Thursday with a 10 mile ride on the bike and a 3.2 mile run on the treadmill. Afterwards, I went into the locker room and poured a pack of Vega Protein Powder into my shaker to drink while I stretched using a foam roller for about 30 minutes. To cap off the full training day, I sat in the steam room at Equinox for another 15 minutes. I kinda like having my clients all on vacation!
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I was surprised at how easily I was able to complete the run after the bike ride. Equinox was kind enough to have 3 TV’s turned on in front of the treadmill area, two with Sportscenter and one with a horror movie. Just what I wanted to watch! When the blood and gore started, I literally had to shy away. I hate scary movies. I hate blood. I was actually pretty annoyed. I don’t mind Sportscenter, but did it really need to be on two TV’s right next to each other?

I’ve been having difficulty waking up early since last Friday so I signed up for the 8 am Bar Method class. I woke right up at 7:30 am and jogged over in the freezing cold. For once, I wasn’t tight or sore for class! I think this was largely because I spent so much time foam rolling yesterday. I felt great. McKenzie gave us a killer seat portion of class using fold over, my favorite position. For breakfast, I enjoyed some Muesli Fusion with Silk Pure Almond milk in Unsweetened Vanilla.

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I shared Muesli Fusion on YouTube last year. It’s a small company based out of Rochester, NY. You can buy it online and at Wegman’s. The owner sent me a personal hand written Christmas Card thanking me for helping them with a successful year. It was the only hand written message card I received from a company and it really made a difference in my view of their brand. I love when a company personalizes email pitches but the personal touch of a hand written note never goes unappreciated. My Dad always writes handwritten notes. He was successful during his career at Reebok thanks to his ability to talk to anyone, and skill for being a great salesman. His continued use of the hand written note, I think, is a true example on how to create and nurture relationships whether business or personal.

It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve been obsessed with muesli since I got back from Buenos Aires. It’s like oatmeal with your favorite fixings but without the added sugar!

Lionsgate was kind to send me a card with 3 free movie downloads, including my favorite The Hunger Games. My network, Deca TV, also sent me a delicious bottle of red wine, spicy dark chocolate and scented candle. Diet.com sent me a gift card to Trader Joe’s. I got my videographer a little something as well. I received a few mass holiday emails from people that I have never even corresponded with, which I thought was odd. What do you guys think?

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