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  • Steph

    What they put on the TVs at the gym is always a pet peeve of mine too.. same thing on 4 TVs is not necessary!!

    Quick qu -- i just got a food scale bc I want to make sure I’m eating correct portion sizes. I am a 22 yr. old female, and i work out between 2-4 days a week (cardio, light weights). I am having trouble finding a good guide to portion sizes/how much of what I should eat for meals. For example, dinner: how many ounces of meat vs. grains vs. veggies, etc.

    Have you ever seen a good guide for this? I’ve tried searching around a bit but really can’t find anything aside from ” a deck of cards size ” and i really want to know actual measurements and guidelines.

    Thanks in advance & happy holidays!! 🙂

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