Pre-Thanksgiving Workout Schedule

In less than a week, most of America will sit down to consume a potentially 3000 calories late lunch. I have a million tips on how to eat well during the holidays but have found that people really do not want to hear them. They want to be told that they can stuff their face and go back for dessert seconds. I have good news because you can. One day is not going to wreck your diet!

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If you plan to eat that many calories, my best advice is to start preparing now and practice some good old moderation. If you really want to learn how to cut calories, you can check out this article from last year here. Add some extra time at the gym, skip your beloved desserts and carbs at night. If you follow this plan for even a few days, you’ll lose some water weight and even leaner the night before Thanksgiving, the most popular reunion night of the year.


Here is a blog with tons of suggestions for how to offset the extra calories the day of Thanksgiving but below is a plan if you are willing to do some work ahead of time.

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Friday: Long Run around the Charles River – 6 Miles

Saturday: Pilates Fusion Class at Equinox

Sunday: 30 minute booty call* plus 60 minutes of Yoga

Monday: 30 minute booty call* plus Exercise Class at the Gym like Barre Burn

Tuesday: Cardio Pilates at Equinox

Wednesday: 30 minute booty call* plus strength train on my own

Thursday: 5 mile TURKEY TROT – My Mother’s Town doesn’t have one so I’ll probably create my own 🙂 I’d rather run farther than a 5K anyway.

*The booty call is part of my diet and fitness plan as called for in the Tone It Up diet. It’s 30 minutes of cardio right when you wake up before you eat. If I have an intense workout, I usually eat something before but if it’s just a light 30 minute jog, I will not. If you have trouble working out in the morning, it’s OK to just walk, do the elliptical, a yoga DVD, it’s just getting your body moving before you put nutrients back in.



As far as food goes, I’m going to be following a diet the is close to the Tone It Up 7-day Slim Down. To get more daily meal you can check out my other programs.

Breakfast – Protein Pancakewith GrapefruitLunch – Can of tuna with lettuce greens, 1/2 sweet potato, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, humus and balsamic vinegar. AKA my favorite salad

Snack – Pumpkin peanut butter with celery

Dinner – Grilled Chicken with Asparagus (Might have some brown rice or sweet potato)

Snack – Candy Cane tea with Stevia and Almond Milk

For more meal ideas, visit my recipe page or check out the college diet page.

Do you plan your Thanksgiving strategy ahead of time or do you just go all out and worry about it later?


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