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The Prom Workout Series

Move #1 Sumo Squat Press

Move #2 Plank To Pushup

Move #3 Butt & Abs Exercise

Move #4 Plank To Row

Move #5 Superman


Abs and Love Handles Workout Playlist

Butt Toning Fitness Video Playlist

Outdoor Workouts – No Equipment Needed

Summer Fitness and BBQ Tips

The Bethenny Frankel and Sarah Dussault Playlist (I produced these videos with Bethenny and appear in a few)

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  • kika

    I love your videos! They are amazing! I am Portuguese and the Summer is comming and you are helping me put in shape!

  • Shannon

    I just found your youtube channel (I’m a professional dancer and trying to stay in shape) and I LOVE your full body workouts… cardio+toning=a MUST! I can’t wait to try them all out this week! Keep up the motivation… PLEASE! 🙂

  • Veronica

    Your videos are so helpful! I’m a visual learner so reading descriptions of a workout routine in magazines have been a pain in the butt. Your site came to my rescue. I’m living abroad and just started a fitness plan and I love that I can do most of this stuff at home or around my house. Keep up the good work!

  • Deysy

    Dear Sarah,
    Your videos help so much and i love how i can FEEL THE BURN when i do them at home. Quick question do you have an inner thigh work outs for summer? Thank you 🙂

  • Dena

    Hey Sarah,
    I’ve been watching you for years literally. Do you have any tips for the weekend eater? I eat well all week but binge and eat terrible foods on the weekends when my day doesn’t have structure.

  • Holly

    Sarah wow today i just started your workouts. I love the workouts, they really have helped me so far. This is so far one of the best workouts i ever tried!

  • Kaysha

    Hey Sarah! I tried your workouts and they really made a diffrence. I work on some of them for 1 hour a day, I love your workouts. I told my sister (who was trying to lose weight) about you and she says, “thankyou, your workouts really changed how I look, you are the best.” I say diddo.

    Do you work on your workouts everyday?

  • lateesha

    Hey Sarah
    I just found you today on youtube and I love the viedos and stories I would love it if you could help me I really want to lose weight!

    • kaysha

      bye the way sarah doesnt even check these messages anymore i dont know why but u better not send anymore like i said because she doesnt even check these

  • Alyssa Kane

    Hey Sarah!
    I’ve been a fan of you for a while and I love all your tips, workouts, etc.
    I’ve had a problem with my inner thigh fat for a few years now, and I wanted to know if you had any workout moves that can help me tone and get rid of that fat. It would be greatly appreciated! 😀

    • Sarah

      It’s genetics! I have issues with my inner thighs as well and it’s diet! When you start losing fat, you cannot target where it is lost from. Do walking lunges and reverse curtsy lunges. and sumo squats.

  • Nouran

    OKAY. Im really confused cu there’s a lot of great exercise routines on this website but im still confused cuz im a bit of a special case. Im a thin girl and always been a thin girl. im 19 and i wana b fit, well built and good heart rate , look good nd all that. But the thing is im 166 cms and way about 59-60 kgs. I dont know what my FIT IDEAL WEIGHT should be. I used to be 53 kgs so i gained some weight finally!!!! I KNOW I KNOW it sounds odd wen u hear a girl say finally i gained weight with a smile on her face. But like i said i was super thin nd i jus wanted some shape. Now i realised wut a big mistake it was to gain that weight. I should lose like 4 kgs (dont u think?) and start doing more strength exercises…can u help me sarah clear out my confusion. What exercise routine should i follow. I been doin some weight nd some exercises for about 3 months and stopped for like 2 months. how to get back on track? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  • Melissa Robinson

    Hey Sarah! I 1st found you on youtube and now I found your site! I am getting married in 48 days! I really want to be in the best shape ever! I am about 5-10 lbs from my goal weight and I am really hoping your videos and diet plan will help me get there! Thanks for all your videos, they are really helpful! I will let you know how it goes! 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks Melissa! I just actually reorganized the videos so if you have any questions or specific body parts, please come back to check out the index!

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  • Laila

    Sarah, thank you so much for your great instruction videos. Before i became a mother, and even after, i used to work out a lot but today i seem to forget most of the exercises. I love spinning and outdoorsports but exercises are a real challenge to me and your videos make exercise very appealing. You rock!

  • Maryam Moosa

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m from UAE -- Dubai , am always watching ur videos and waiting for more
    I have a problem with my Abs 🙁 ! , I wanna send you a picture of my Abs and i want you to tell what to do with it and what to eat and what not to eat !
    please reply me am suffering with my abs !!
    give me your email or your BB Pin to send you the picture !

    reply please i will be waiting

  • Chaya Murthy

    Dear Sarah,

    Iam a new mom and had my baby just a month back with a vaginal birth.I was in a very fit and slim shape before I got pregnant and want to get back in shape asap.I started doing some exercise and yoga already to get rid of the little pooch iam having right now because of the pregnancy.I see that my hip looks little big than it used to be and I cant wear my 0 short size pant as my waist is an issue.Is this a problem of love handles and if i follow the advice you have on you tube about love handles would that work for me to get back in shape within 1.5 months?

    Please let me know,


    • Kat Attack

      after that comment I dont blame the girl for NOT wanting to contact you O.o

      Thank you so much Sarah for these awesome workouts, I use to workout alot at the gym, but after finding you on youtube i no longer have to be freaked out by creepers staring 😀

      • Sarah

        Yes, I was questioning if I should leave that comment or delete… I decided to leave it in case they really do come after me lol. The cops will have a motive.

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  • Angela

    Hi Sarah, I was looking for decent workout videos and found one of your videos on YouTube and eventually got to this page. Unable to find the Ask button as well as the printout of the 30minute workout for weightloss I found on YouTube. I am keen to try it out but I am a little confused as to whether that workout is Cardio or Strength training, a mixture maybe? Also, if I follow that workout 3 times a week and run on 3 other days will i be stressing my body out? I don’t know cuz I’ve never had weight problems until recently, never really exercised either, other than the time I was in school (and was forced to). Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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  • Rebecca

    Sarah, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your time and effort into this site. The resources you provide for us are so useful and so time affective (and COST affective). No more eating from boredom late at night. Time to WORK IT

  • sobha

    dear sarah ji,
    i just liked your videos a lot but for beginners its not possible to do such exercises so,i need first and easy exercises for lossing back fat plzzzzzzzzzzzsarah ji reply me …………..

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  • Diane

    Hi Sarah! Your tutorials are amazing!
    I want to lose weight in 2 weeks (as I am on holidays) and I want to come back to college looking fit.
    What are your recommendations? What should I do? I really want to lose weight especially in my thighs and belly. I would love my legs to be thin again.
    Thank you for your help:)

  • Megan

    Hi Sarah. Thank you so much for existing! you have no idea how much i appreciate your videos & your work! you are simply amazing <3

    I wanted to ask you something, I'm an 18 year old girl and I'm not fat, I'm 163 Cm and i have a thin body, my only problem is with my thighs, i have big thighs & i feel so uncomfortable about them.. i have been struggling from this problem since i was 14 ! i finally decided that i NEED to get thinner thighs, my question for your is, what is the best workout for thighs? how can i slim down my thighs?

    Thank you so much <3 love you 🙂

  • Charles gadt

    I”m sure you get this a lot,are you single or spoken for.either way is great, I totally respect you and you’re craft of teaching. I am very out going and just was curious cause you seemed very grounded.

  • Josie

    Hey sarah,

    did you delead a arm exercise video? i remeber you doing one barre inspired arm workout and its gone 🙁
    i was going to do it and cant find it anymore

  • Karol

    Thank you soooo much! You are amazing! I am so glad that I found your channel! I don’t know what I would do without you! PLEASE keep up the good work!

  • michelle

    Hi sarah i just saw your video on you tube for the frist time and i thought it was great!!!!!
    I am trying to lose my weight but sometimes feel like its just not working i am at 136 pounds and my goal weight is 129 or 125 after having three kids it seems like the fat on my belly just wont go away…. so what would you recommend i do??? A lot of my friends say i don’t look fat but when i sit down i have a roll there lol…… so i really want to get rid of it before the summer comes so can you please help….

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  • Titus

    I seriously love your site.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m looking to create my own site and would love to learn where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Many thanks!

  • Karol

    Hi Sarah! Do you have any warms ups? I mean, things you can do before the workouts. I’ve heard that warm ups are to get your heart rate faster. I looked in your workout library, but I couldn’t find any. I would greatly appreciated if you could share some good warm ups. Thanks! BTW you’re awesome!! <3

  • Jordan

    Hi Sarah,
    I just found this website through youtube. I have been a vegetarian for a couple of years but have recently went vegan. Anyways I eat a lot of peanut butter. I mean A LOT, is this bad for me ? I have about three spoon full’s a day and also may have a banana dipped in peanut butter or a peanut butter sandwich. Is that too much ?

    • Sarah

      Hi Jordan, I’m glad you found my blog and came over 🙂 So much easier to answer questions like this. Peanut butter is high in calories but is considered nutrient dense. Check the ingredients, make sure it’s just peanuts, no added sugar or oil. Also, make sure to measure it. If that is the only place you are getting protein you are missing out on a lot of nutrients your body needs. Almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower butter are also really good and similar to pb but have more heart healthy fats than pb. If you are gaining weight, it may be because you are eating too many calories and these could be coming from the pb. Does this make sense? You should always eat a variety of foods to make sure you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Eating the same thing each day with little variety will inevitably lead to a deficiency.

  • Alexis

    Hi there! I just discovered your site today. Great info and now in my daily blog roll. I’ve spent the last hour catching up 🙂
    I have a question: how many days should I do the 2 day split workouts for fat loss? They are awesome! I am also training for a half marathon so I’m getting in lots of weekly runs. I’m just not losing any weight… And I miss the gym time.

  • Reemy

    hi Sarah .. i was looking around ur website its really amazing
    I have question: i want to begin losing weight with sport and diet
    now i am 74 kg i want to reach 62 kg
    plus i have a lot of fat around my stomach and waist …. i want my stomach to be straight
    so can u tell me how i can begin and what exercise i can start with please??? can u mad me exercise plan and diet plan

    thank u

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  • Grace

    Hi Sarah,

    I have been following your site on facebook from quite a long time. And its great.. 🙂
    Well my querry is.. Do you have any set workout schedule for pregnant womens? Right now i am not pregnant but me and my husband are planning to grow our family i.e baby. So for this reason i have stopped gymming and running, jogging etc type of exercise. Cause i am 30 and do not want to take any chance for mis-happening. So what type of workout i can do at home or outdoor, so that i do not put on much of weight. Coz my body have a great tendency to put on weight very fast. My weight is 72 right now 🙁 I am just doing walking these days..

    Help me please !!
    Thank u in advance

    • Sarah

      Woah woah woah. When you become pregnant, you can safely continue your exercise routine -- you just aren’t suppose to introduce something new. Working out while trying it extremely beneficial to you and your baby!!!!! Do not stop working out because you are trying. I suggest talking to your doctor as well but for the healthy of your body, keep exercising! I’m 29 and will probably be running half marathons when I finally am pregnant in 5 years or so. I don’t have a schedule but will consider it for future posts. Check out Kristin McGee’s website in the mean time!. twitter @thebendigirl

  • Zoey Ng

    As I’m on the journey to lose weight, I fear that my breasts will get saggier as I lose more weight. Should I do chest exercises to prevent that? What does doing chest exercise do to your breasts?

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  • BeccaTIU

    Hi Sarah!
    Just joined tone it up! Bought the nutrition program and have been doing their love your body series. I saw that you totally support them and that’s awesome!! I have lost weight but I still feel flabby. I really want to tone up. Should I focus on your strength videos as well as Tone it up’s videos? Should I skip cardio? My bothersome area is my lower abs. Any suggestions? I want to burn that extra flab off! I have never been able to get rid of it. 🙁

    Thank you!! Your site is awesome and I love that you give advice!

    • Sarah

      I would say to focus on diet if you think you are still “flabby” -- however cardio will help get rid of it too. It’s also important to know what are vanity pounds, and what is actual fat your body can afford to lose, ya know?

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